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Blawan – Dismantled Into Juice

There was a collective sigh of relief from longtime fans of UK producer Blawan upon the release of his 2021 EP, Woke Up Right Handed. From the deliciously vaudevillian squabble of Under Belly to the gibberish scatter of Blika, the EP was a return to form of sorts after years

Raising as many questions as he has hits, American producer Skrillex has become one of the most contentious figures in electronic music. Many feel that Skrillex should still be held accountable for the sins of his past. Afterall, unleashing the bastardised Frankenstein monster of dubstep and happy hardcore now known

One of the most beguiling skills Atlanta’s Nikki Nair possesses as a producer is his unmatched dexterity. He has the ability to (quite like no one else) flow through passages of various styles and signatures in the span of one four minute track and make it feel seamless. Nair is

From French touch funk to future forward bass, we roundup our favourite releases of the week. In no particular order: Grimes – Player of Games  Following previously heard tracks Shinigami Eyes and 100 Percent Tragedy, the new single from Canadian alt-pop star Grimes appears to be the first official single

Image courtesy Sotto Voice Most fans of electronic music will probably agree that the form saw the peak of its golden era in the 21st century from the mid-2000s to the early 2010s. This boom saw largely underground styles such as dubstep, drum & bass, and fidget suddenly burst forward

Image: Mark Surridge Written by Maya-Rose Torrão Electronic DJ and producer Plastician is one of the true pioneers of both the dubstep and grime genres. Not constrained by any one genre, Plastician, born Chris Reed, has been making music almost his whole life. Starting out as a UK garage DJ in

Interview by Arnold van der Walt JAUZ has been taking over the electronic music scene since 2015 with his signature hard hitting bass style. The LA-based Icon Collective graduate is known for his energetic live shows and has since worked with DJ Snake, Skrillex, Krewella, Snails, Slushii, Zeds Dead and

Written by Maya-Rose Torrão Last week the elusive producer who goes by 1788-L teased fans with a link to a new website titled ‘What is 1788-L?’ and has now released his first single from his upcoming EP debut, ‘Sentience’, titled ‘F U L L / B U R S T’.

Written by Maya-Rose Torrão This is a musician who needs little introduction. Flux Pavilion’s hit ‘I Can’t Stop’ currently boasts over 98 million views on YouTube and is the artist that we can thank for helping bring dubstep to the mainstream. Flux Pavilion has headlined three US tours, two UK

Interview by Shannon Lawlor I Am Waiting For You Last Summer are an electronic post-rock tripod based in Ryazan, Russia. Since 2011, the trio have released various singles, three full-length studio albums and three EPs, including their latest addition Back and Forth released in September 2017. Influenced by an array

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