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mïus – Abstrakt

Gergely Álmos is certainly a creative individual. Not only does he produce music and audio-visual shows, his forthcoming one being naked waves with co-creator Attaray Visual, under his mïus moniker, but he is also an architect by trade and a film set designer – for more, read our interview with

Breaking away from the vice grip of conformity, Elevated Focusion has released his new psychedelic, genre-defying self-titled album. The album is an amalgamation of the producer’s love for the New Yorker culture, which he grew up experiencing, and a plethora of music genres, ranging from Hip Hop to Trance and

Sometimes a collaboration comes about that can feel as electrifying as a lightning storm in a disco ball factory. That’s sort of the case with Nikki Nair and Hudson Mohawke, two known agents of chaos who’s joint EP, Set The Roof, was surprise dropped from the ether. It’s no surprise

A classically trained pianist, vaghy (who we interviewed) has set his heart on composing a project in an undeterred stream of improvisation. Having mined the ore of inspiration, he has managed this behemoth task and shared the work he forged, his new 9-track album titled granum, via Théque Records. The

It’s interesting to think that a whole generation is growing up on music SBTRKT has had some  sort of impact on, potentially without knowing who he even is. Granted, the English producer is infamously elusive. Often hidden behind a mask, even his moniker alludes to his penchant for anonymity. Most

For many, the English synthpop duo Goldfrapp is synonymous with the face and voice of Alison Goldfrapp. After two decades and countless hits like Ooh La La and Rocket, the two are intrinsic. With Goldfrapp, Alison and her cousin Will Gregory established an aesthetic and sonic identity that was unmistakable,

Today, we are reviewing something truly special. The subject of our discussion is an album by a budding artist with undeniable talent. An artist who, with a love for classic generation-defining acts like Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd, has it all. The panache, the poise, and the fire. You name

There was a collective sigh of relief from longtime fans of UK producer Blawan upon the release of his 2021 EP, Woke Up Right Handed. From the deliciously vaudevillian squabble of Under Belly to the gibberish scatter of Blika, the EP was a return to form of sorts after years

Speaking to Resident Advisor in 2017, Malaysian born producer Tzusing confessed, “I feel like I’m culturally appropriating my own culture because I don’t know it that well. It’s my background, but I’m getting it from [a] corny Hong Kong movie.” It’s the sort of sentiment that likely resonates with anyone

Current UK house poster child Fred Again.. and iconic ambient pioneer Brian Eno are possibly the most unlikely pairing anyone could have imagined conceiving a project together. Though, on further inspection, perhaps it’s not so hard to see what Eno might have recognised in Fred Again.., real name Frederick John

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