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Interview: Five Minutes with Martin Kohlstedt

Martin Kohlstedt, a German musician who hails from the town of Weimar, has just shared the reworked version of his single, ‘NIODOM’ by Panthera Krause. Kohlstedt is known for mixing classical and avant-garde music styles while Krause takes the experimental piano track and elevates it into the next big dancefloor

Born in New Jersey but a true New Yorker at heart, Roland Clark is making waves on the house music scene with his newly released track, ‘Dance Without A Reason’. The songsmith, producer, DJ, and vocalist specialises in powerful and political lyrics, with his deep and powerful voice being featured

Meet Piksel, a classically trained musician who has ventured into ambient & acoustic soundscapes with her newly released EP, Some Silver Burns. The piece reflects and compares algorithms in man-made & natural forms. This is explored through the use of field recordings of the city and nature, as well as

Meet Slowz, the French producer who uses an amalgam of textures woven from R&B, funk, and electronica to create his own unique sound. His latest release is ‘Nice and Slow (feat. Blush’ko)’ was created with the support of La Belle Musique Records and Peace Bisquit and features some of his

Sometimes you need to step out of your own regular creative process and explore new dynamics. Urple Eeple (Peter Farr) and Isturite (Kevin Welch) have been doing this since 2014, resulting in the future bass duo: Esofact. The two have just released their latest single, ‘Blocks’ via Chillage Records (Peter

Teacher and musicologist Vincenzo Ramaglia carries a wealth of knowledge of all things musical. The Roman musician has just shared his latest single, ‘La parole 7’ (feat. Laure Le Prunenec) via PEM Records with the music video for the song premiering yesterday via Vents Magazine. The track displays Ramaglia’s years

Austrian band Evon Rose have released their track, ‘Something More’ via Timbits Records on the 22nd of November. Following the track shortly was the release of the music video which features footage from the short film “Lacrimosa“, directed by Tanja Mairitsch. The track explores themes of the afterlife with optimism

Three precision-obsessed control freaks have come together to create KOMFORTRAUSCHEN, a live techno act hailing from the historic city of Berlin. Comprised of Tim Sarhan, Laurenz Karsten and Phillip Oertel, the trio have just released their latest singles, ‘Mechatronik I’ and ‘Mechatronik II’. With each of them sitting at over

Arriving on the scene are Marc Darcange and Tryzdin of SaintMars. The two have just released their latest single, ‘Help’ via Grá Mór Phonic Records which focusses on the turbulent nature of all relationships while greeting fans with an infectious pop-rock anthem. Hitting all the right notes, both musically and

Exploring technology paired with self-expression, Sontag creates colorful, textured, and rich music in which he champions the idea of machines being fellow collaborators. Believing that we are finally at the point in which technology can augment and support art, his artist is one to watch out for. His latest release

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