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SBTRKT – The Rat Road

It’s interesting to think that a whole generation is growing up on music SBTRKT has had some  sort of impact on, potentially without knowing who he even is. Granted, the English producer is infamously elusive. Often hidden behind a mask, even his moniker alludes to his penchant for anonymity. Most

The potential relationship between gqom and grime reveal significant similarities between the two styles, with both arising from Black, urban spaces and driven by the disillusionment of radical Black youth culture. These similarities have begun to be explored by pioneers of both genres, the recent collaboration between DJ Lag and

Effy is a name that dance music fans should be paying close attention to. The UK producer and DJ is quickly becoming one of the country’s most intriguing and exciting new voices, thanks to her diverse musical inspirations that span house, drum’n’bass, and rock. With her latest release, Stone, Effy

Omagoqa’s latest EP, an extension of last year’s Back To Ebombeni, is a reminder of the enduring power of the gqom genre in the face of the amapiano boom. The Durban-based trio, who have previously collaborated with the genre’s kingpin DJ Lag, are now the new keepers of the abrasive

Somehow, brothers Phil and Paul Hartnoll seem to find themselves constantly pulled back into orbit of each other. Over the course of their three decade long career as British electronic music duo Orbital, they have broken up twice. Their most recent comeback, following a three year hiatus, has been going

Raising as many questions as he has hits, American producer Skrillex has become one of the most contentious figures in electronic music. Many feel that Skrillex should still be held accountable for the sins of his past. Afterall, unleashing the bastardised Frankenstein monster of dubstep and happy hardcore now known

Welcome to November. We roundup our favourite releases of the week and first of the new month. Listen below. Follow our Roundup Selections playlist on Spotify to stay updated on what we have on repeat.   Eartheater, DOSS – High Tide (DOSS Remix) Enigmatic producer DOSS adds her signature ‘doof

This month sees Dublin composer, producer, and DJ Kormac gearing up to release his first album in almost a decade. Drawing inspiration from orchestral compositions, the multi-hyphenate artist says that this project was born from a desire to do something very different. “I basically decided I wanted to write an

This week, we go from buzzy New Wave synthpop to firey gqom-dancehall hybrids as we roundup our favourite new releases. Listen below.  Follow our Roundup Selections playlist on Spotify to stay updated on what we have on repeat.   Ladytron – City Of Angels  British Electropop outfit Ladytron are making

Australian producer Jordan Alexander’s moniker ‘Mall Grab’ is a term people in skateboarding circles use to describe the way ‘posers’ hold their skateboards at the mall. Like accessories rather than serious equipment. It’s a piece of nomenclature that harkens back to Alexander’s origin point: the circa-2012 internet age. This time

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