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PLAYY. Mix #170 – FILM

On Miwonowi, New Delhi based DJ, producer, and curator Sanil Sudan brings his dancefloor-ready yet emotionally complex electronic formula of hip-hop, jungle and pop  arrangements to the fore under his alias, FILM. It’s the same formula that’s allowed Sudan behind the decks at some of the most coveted stages across

  For Brooklyn duo Thomas Mullarney III and Jacob Gossett, AKA Beacon, dance music goes deeper than the somatic – it’s also an invitation to explore the labyrinthine potential of the cerebral. “We’ve always been drawn to abstract brush strokes in dance music,” they say, speaking toward how each mix

IDM duo Autechre have released a five and a half hour long mix to celebrate the re-release of their seminal 1992 compilation for Warp, Artificial Intelligence. The mix features music from 100 different artists who inspired the duo’s direction in the 90’s. The mix appeared online just before the new

London based artist Jesse Kanda is probably best known for his ties to the Deconstructed-club scene at the time of its emergence, where he was largely responsible for shaping the visual aesthetic of the micro-genre’s most prominent artists. Responsible for the grotesque, mutant creatures of Arca and FKA Twigs, and

Daniel Avery has had an epiphany. The Bournemouth DJ and producer, best known for his hook-laden style of techno and post-dubstep breakbeats, touts his latest album Ultra Truth “a distorted fever dream of a record: riled, determined and alive.” It’s an album, as its title might suggest, that acknowledges the

On the spectrum of house and disco, The Soft Pink Truth can be found somewhere on the fringes of the left. The solo project of experimentalist duo Matmos’s Drew Daniel, what began as a dare has morphed into one of the most intriguing dance music acts (and arguably, cover artists)

If Hagop Tchaparian seems familiar, it’s for good reason. He’s been active behind the scenes of acts like Hot Chip as both producer and manager, quietly contributed to underground compilations, and even flirted with fame as the guitarist of punk rock band Symposium. Lately, he’s fostered a creative relationship with

Who is Altrice? Well, according to legend, the elusive producer is from Tucson and arrived onto the scene by way of a Caribou (mega)remix in 2010. Dan Snaith, AKA Caribou, had opened up an online contest inviting people to remix his song Sun. Altrice emerged the victor by going a

Planet Mu’s Mike Paradinas, AKA µ-Ziq, has been on an interesting journey over the past few months. Though he’s been releasing music steadily on his label, his latest album Magic Pony Ride is his first collection of totally brand new music for Planet Mu since 2013. He’s otherwise been releasing

The chemistry that Philadelphia’s Moor Mother and New Jersey’s DJ Haram have concocted together as 700 Bliss is alchemical. The two make for a near perfect creative partnership; feeding one another’s ambitions outside of their usual scope so that together, they create work that feels as playful as it is

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