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10 Beguiling Music Videos & Must-See Glastonbury 2019 Performances

There’s nothing quite like the companionship between music and film; visuals to engulf us, immerse us – sculpt narratives between sound and the imagination; provide context – to reflect, and even perhaps get to know, in our own small ways – the artists behind the music we consume. The creation

The news of our favourite clubs and venues closing down can certainly be an absolutely heartbreaking experience. Especially for those who have been frequenting the same venues for long periods of time – watching their doors shut for good can be truly heartbreaking; while the music scene simultaneously dwindles in

By: Niki van den Heever The Young Punx make good on their promise to release one track a month for the year 2019 as they dropped their latest single ‘Wonderland’ on 12 April. This comes as the fourth instalment and an excellent warm-up for their fourth studio album. ‘Wonderland’ is

By: Niki van den Heever Photo by: daffa rayhan zein from Pexels A recent article published by Reading Eagle on 13 March, tells of a study done at both UK and Swedish Universities and suggest that listening to music while engaged in creative problem-solving has a serious negative impact on the brain, impairing one’s

By Niki van den Heever Swedish music streaming beast Spotify filed a formal complaint with the EU Commission against US rival, Apple. The accusation made was that Apple stifles its online music market competition. Spotify founder and CEO, Daniel Ek said in a statement, “In recent years, Apple has introduced

“I avoid thinking about the end results and focus on sharing my truth instead.” Main photo credit: Pierrick Campoy Amador Interview by Arnold van der Walt French producer Uppermost is well-known for his emotive tracks that always manage to ignite the soul of the listener. With a slew of hits behind

Interview by Arnold van der Walt As the year crawls to an end, we decided to treat you to one last premiere for 2018 from DYZPHORIA. DYZPHORIA is a Canadian producer who has racked up hundreds of thousands of plays on Soundcloud, each track building on his production chops as

Kachina have been making waves for decades with their classic UK garage sounds, a key musical outfit in the underground UK electronic scene that never disappoints with their smooth beats. Formed by Rob Sparx, Zurcon and Wigz, Kachina have just released their brand new EP, ‘Eyes of March’, exclusively available

El-Trip aka Earth Leakage Trip is a UK music veteran, and has loved music since he could barely reach the piano. After years of honing his craft and bringing fans funky downtempo electronic cuts, El-Trip has just released his brand new EP, titled ‘Going To The Moon’ via NexGen Music,

Written by Jenna Dreisenstock Illegal raves are on the rise; according to a recently released Sky News report and coverage by Resident Advisor, the growing number of illegal raves in the UK is skyrocketing with incidents growing in 2018 by 9% – with 680 illegal raves being reported this year

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