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Kode9, Burial – Infirmary / Unknown Summer

  In 2018, fabric concluded its iconic FABRICLIVE mix series with its 100th edition, helmed by Kode9 and Burial. Bringing together two of the UK’s most prominent and uncompromising dance music avant gardists was a stunning hattrick of a finale, one that fabric looks to reconjure with their latest fabric

From Skrillex doing hip-hop to caustic electropunk, these are the tracks you need to hear this week.   Jayda G – Circle Back Around The first single from her freshly announced new album Guy sees producer Jayda G evolve her classic Chicago house sound toward energetic and buoyant eurohouse. The

I’d like to begin this year with an introduction.  Hi, my name is Tazmé Pillay. Editor of The Playground. If you’ve read most of the reviews and think pieces that we do here, chances are you’ve read most of my work. Coming into the end of last year, I knew

DJ and producer Alex Wilcox found his way to Berlin by way of Austin, Texas, determined to f*** some shit up. The tracks he makes speak directly toward this modus operandi. They play like hyperactive, erratic Frankenstein’s monsters of dance music’s most propulsive styles and sounds, stitched together into fluorescent

The life and work of American composer Julius Eastman is both a tragedy and enigma. A Black gay classical composer active in the late 70’s, Eastman’s work was alarmingly ahead of its time though widely unknown today. Incomprehensible to his contemporaries, there’s a genius to Eastman which is only now

While British electronic duo Mount Kimbie may pull from krautrock to post-dubstep and hip-hop, it’s the synthesis of these influences that has produced something aesthetically distinct. In fact, the sonics of Mount Kimbie’s particular electronic landscape are so tightly woven, that you wouldn’t be remiss to forget that the group

Featuring remixes old and new and tracks from club music’s brightest new visionaries, we roundup our favourite releases of the week. Listen below.  Follow our Roundup Selections playlist on Spotify to stay updated on what we have on repeat.   Madonna, Felix Da Housecat – American Life (Felix Da Housecat’s

On paper, 053 is the most unlikely of collaborations. A joint effort between Italian producer and DJ TSVI and London’s Loraine James? The former a student of precision, the latter a merchant of chaos. Or perhaps this partnership was inevitable. After all, both artists have been finding a space for

Last year, Chicago’s Jana Rush single handedly pivoted footwork from the streets to the forefront of electronic music innovation. Her masterful album Painful Enlightenment both disrupted and evolved the form, a documentation of the unraveling of her own mental health through jarring, misshapen loops and stylistic mutations. Rush revealed within

One of the most beguiling skills Atlanta’s Nikki Nair possesses as a producer is his unmatched dexterity. He has the ability to (quite like no one else) flow through passages of various styles and signatures in the span of one four minute track and make it feel seamless. Nair is

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