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Quality Goods Records releases sixth annual compilation, features Polar Youth

High-calibre record label Quality Goods Records has recently unveiled its sixth compilation QGRC-006. With it, the label continues its tradition of releasing an annual compilation wherein they provide budding artists the opportunity to stand beside established musical talent. “As part of our mission, we aim to bring attention to artists

We’re not going to lie, this one slipped under our radar. A new Joy Orbison track that morphs from droning ambient into a full on dancefloor rager? Orbison’s own statement that he’s “sitting on quite a lot of unreleased music”? It’s shocking that we’re only getting to this track now,

Image by Rosie Marks It’s surprising that someone as iconic as Joy Orbison should put out their first full length release twelve years into their career. Since his debut in 2009, Orbison has enjoyed an illustrious métier as one of the foremost innovators on the U.K underground, all off the

Image: Fabric Having recently revisited 2017’s Arla II, it’s fascinating to consider how Overmono have evolved over the years. While those first three outputs felt wildly experimental and deftly idiosyncratic, their recent work has settled into a sort of accessibility that sees them crafting beats that would sit comfortably in

Image by Carl Fisher Since his discovery of electronic music in the early 90’s, Seb Zito’s ascent through the ranks from London’s pirate radio scene to fully blown international club phenomenon is best summated by one word; “journey.” Zito’s is a journey experienced through and alongside the evolution of the

Kachina have been making waves for decades with their classic UK garage sounds, a key musical outfit in the underground UK electronic scene that never disappoints with their smooth beats. Formed by Rob Sparx, Zurcon and Wigz, Kachina have just released their brand new EP, ‘Eyes of March’, exclusively available

Kachina have brought out the killer title-track from their upcoming EP, ‘Eyes Of March’ via Affectionate Grooves & NexGen music. With groovy reggae-infusions and echoes of classic drum ‘n bass beats, the ‘Eyes Of March’ single is a graceful nod to UK garage history, while staying fresh with contemporary flair.

Image: Mark Surridge Written by Maya-Rose Torrão Electronic DJ and producer Plastician is one of the true pioneers of both the dubstep and grime genres. Not constrained by any one genre, Plastician, born Chris Reed, has been making music almost his whole life. Starting out as a UK garage DJ in

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