musclecars – Sugar Honey Iced Tea!

For New York-based DJs and producers Brandon Weems and Craig Handfield, history is a lens through which to view the present. Their popular Coloring Lessons events are rooted in homage – recalling the culture and approach of formative house events like The Loft and clubs like Shelter, while remaining in

  Tove Lo and SG Lewis are one of those special pop star-producer combinations. What they bring out in each other is unique to their partnership – a creative synergy so electric, the music they create together often feels another echelon to the rest of their discography. HEAT, the pair’s

For Irish DJ and producer Saoirse, a fabric presents mix represents somewhat of a full circle moment. It’s a culmination of the journey she’s found herself on after moving from Dublin to London – a decision that was made on the fabric dancefloor. Since then, the trUst label boss and

Swedish label studio Barnhus’s latest string of releases have been intriguingly eclectic, from Bella Boo’s iterations of dancehall to Nikki Nair’s most un-Nikki Nair track to date. In the case of Baltimore producer LADYMONIX, the label touches on classic Chicago house. But, of course, things are never quite as straightforward

If you’re familiar with the work of multidisciplinary drag artist Salvia, you’ll know that her work is transfixed with the ‘post,’ that is: post-gender, post-trans, post-human. For Salvia, her body has been her most favourite canvas on which to enact her quiet disruptions, contorting and mutating her form into impossibly

There’s a magical sort of thing that happens when you encounter dance music from a distance. The sound sort of bends out of shape, suddenly given space to sprawl over. The underbelly of bass reveals nuances usually lurking beneath layers of shimmering, crisp rhythms. Those rhythms now muddied into an

For Finnish electronic duo Ville Haimala and Martti Kalliala, AKA Amnesia Scanner, music proposes an opportunity to disrupt. Since 2016, they’ve acted on instinct, producing a small yet potent body of work that tears apart the codes of genre and convention. They exist as a constructed glitch in the matrix,

Canada’s Maara-Louisa Dunbar has sort of experienced her rise as an underground club superstar at the speed of a DMT hit. Like DMT, the whole thing has felt much longer than it actually is. In just two years, Dunbar has mastered the craft of DJing and established a singular creative

British producer Jack Latham, AKA Jam City, is often overlooked for his contributions to the current direction of dance oriented pop music and the sound of the underground. His unique style combines influences from across genres such as grime, R&B, and electronic, and since his lauded 2012 debut Classical Curves,

Amaarae’s latest album, Fountain Baby, represents a significant milestone in the journey of African music towards global recognition. In an interview with Pitchfork in 2020, Amaarae pondered the possibility of African music attaining the same level of popularity as Jamaican dancehall did in the early 2000s, thanks to artists like

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