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As Grammy Awards announce April date, we take a look at this year’s Dance/Electronic categories

A new date has been confirmed for the 64th Grammy Awards. Originally scheduled to take place on January 31st in Los Angeles, the awards and show were delayed indefinitely due to the surge of the Omicron variant in the US. The ceremony will now take place on April 3rd, and

Aleksi Perälä is the definition of a stalwart. The Finnish producer has been programming tunes to move your body to since the late 90’s. But his most distinct quality is his ability to evolve his sound with the times; he’s always created left-field EBM that walks the tightrope between techno

The last we heard from Japan’s Soshi Takeda, he was making Balearic vaporwave inspired by a book of vintage Chinese landscape paintings and sounding like it could be the soundtrack to a Final Fantasy reboot for Nintendo. Floating Mountains, made entirely by using retro synths and technology, was a strikingly

FKA Twigs has announced the her new mixtape, Caprisongs, will be released next week. Featuring seventeen new songs, the mixtape marks Twigs’s first fresh solo material since 2019’s Magdalene.  Speaking on the direction of the mixtape, Twigs shared: “Caprisongs… it’s bronzer in the sink, alco pop on the side, a

Bryan Müller has removed all of his music from streaming service Spotify. The German producer, known as Skee Mask, announced via social media on January 2nd that he made the decision to cut ties with the streaming juggernaut. He stated, “My music will be available there again as soon as

It often feels as if Burial occupies an entirely different time space to everyone else, an outsider quality that has made the UK producer both icon and enigma. Maintaining a ghost in the machine aura that’s had people guessing he could actually be anyone from Four Tet to Skrillex for

2021 has been a year for dance and electronica quite like no other. Coming out the other end of a pandemic where isolation became the new normal and online party Club Quarantine became the new Berghain, the future of a form inherently rooted in human connection and our instinct to

Indiana producer Jlin’s polyrhythms and syncopations might appear as apparent chaos, but therein lies the brilliance of her skill as sound designer or perhaps more appropriately, auteur. With her origins in footwork, Jlin has continuously broken the boundaries of her own genre, cooking up increasingly more ambiguous drum beats and

Over the past few years, Namibian born DJ and producer Gina Jeanz has risen to prominence as one of the foremost female DJs on the South African circuit. Known for her blend of smooth house and Afro fused club beats, she has quickly become a mainstay on the lineups of

When Robert Hood began working under the alias Monobox in 1996, it was to establish a space for him to freely explore his minimal techno ambitions outside of his solo work and Floorplan. Separating the music from the Robert Hood mythos separated it from expectations, opening the floor for Hood

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