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8Kays releases live performance video from Kharkiv Philharmonic building in Ukraine

Ukrainian producer, DJ, and events promoter Irina Shvydka, AKA 8Kays, has released a special recording of a live performance taped shortly before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.  Known for her progressive and deep house productions, Shvydka has released music on prolific labels such as Toolroom, Afterlife, and Bedrock. The performance, staged

A number of festivals have dropped Russian DJ Nina Kraviz from their lineups following criticism over Kraviz’s months of silence regarding the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. These include The Crave in The Hague, PollerWiesen, and Detroit’s Movement Festival. Kraviz, who is one of Russia’s most prolific public figures

Spotify has announced it will be suspending its services in Russia due to the country’s censorship laws. This follows Spotify’s decision to close its offices in Russia earlier this year following Putin’s invasion of the Ukraine. The streaming service also suspended access to premium accounts in the country. According to

Last Sunday, London based nightlife organisation Save Our Scene (SOS) organised a mass rave in protest of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Thousands of ravers came out to join a convoy of sound systems in Central London, with some six rigs blasting acid techno, UKG, and drum’n’bass. Two thousand people gathered

The Ukraine electronic music scene has penned an open letter condemning Russia, asking for global support in the fight against Russian aggression. Multiple venues, promoters, and performers from Ukraine have signed the letter, which was released online on March 5th.  The letter reads, “We, the representatives of the music community,

Hit songwriter and popular podcaster Ross Golan has started an online petition to urge the music community to stop licensing songs in Russia for as long as the country continues to wage war on Ukraine, reports Variety. Golan, who has written hit songs for the likes of Justin Bieber and

Image: 2MR There’s a dazzling sense of fantasy to the music that Russia’s Yana Kedrina conjures up, like modern folk songs that are told through the intersection of man and machine. Folding her saccharine voice like shards of crystal into layers upon layers of buzzing, gloaming, and ebbing electronica, she

Image by ​​Frank Casillo From abstract hyperpop sound collages to an unexpected dance pop take from one of techno’s icons, these are the releases that caught our attention this week. In no particular order:  Glass- Spot Explorer  Little may be known about French experimental duo Glass, but there is no

Image by Sasha Smolina Finding a sense of nuance in the consistent thud of techno is not an easy feat, which makes Julia Govor’s brand of techno a bit of a rarity. The New York based Russian selector and composer has always brought a sense of nuance to her productions,

“I will leave, and my music will remain.” Interview by Arnold van der Walt Russia has been at the forefront recently with regards to deep atmospheric cuts. A plethora of emerging artists are bursting on to the scene, each with their own unique take on the ever-growing deep electronic music

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