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Roundup, July #3

We roundup our picks for the must hear releases of the week. Listen to our selections below.       Hudson Mohawke, Tiga, Channel Tres – Feel The Rush Channel Tres lends his smooth vocals as producer Hudson Mohawke adds to his recent string of collaborations. This time with Tiga,

If you’re familiar with the work of multidisciplinary drag artist Salvia, you’ll know that her work is transfixed with the ‘post,’ that is: post-gender, post-trans, post-human. For Salvia, her body has been her most favourite canvas on which to enact her quiet disruptions, contorting and mutating her form into impossibly

For Finnish electronic duo Ville Haimala and Martti Kalliala, AKA Amnesia Scanner, music proposes an opportunity to disrupt. Since 2016, they’ve acted on instinct, producing a small yet potent body of work that tears apart the codes of genre and convention. They exist as a constructed glitch in the matrix,

We roundup the must listen releases of the week. Check them out below.     Aphex Twin- Blackbox Life Recorder 21f   For his first track in half a decade, Aphex Twin welcomes us back gently. Blackbox Life Recorder 21f, the lead from an upcoming four track EP due in

There was a collective sigh of relief from longtime fans of UK producer Blawan upon the release of his 2021 EP, Woke Up Right Handed. From the deliciously vaudevillian squabble of Under Belly to the gibberish scatter of Blika, the EP was a return to form of sorts after years

Ritual, a bonus track that appeared on the special compilation edition of Arca’s epic Kick Cycle, has been re-released by the producer with updated vocals and a music video. In Яitual, Arca appears in a desolate, industrial space. She can be seen clad in multiple pieces of couture, combining vinyl

From Niki Nair experimenting with pop to Dorian Electra channelling Limp Bizkit, these are the tracks you need to hear this week. Listen to our selections below.     Blawan – Toast Returning to XL Recordings, the first single from Blawan’s upcoming Dismantled Into Juice EP gives us a taste of

When remixing Shygirl’s Woe for the artist’s deluxe edition of their debut album, Nymph_0, Björk assumed the role of an elder imparting wisdom to a confused Shygirl. The result, which switches from the original to a classic Björk baroque electronica operetta, is one of the project’s more welcome surprises. In

SBTRKT and Sampha go way back. The English producer and South London songwriter have a history that extends over a decade back, with Sampha serving as a particularly essential presence on SBTRKT’s eponymous debut album twelve years ago. The collaborators reunite on L.F.O, the latest single from SBTRKT’s upcoming album

Debby Friday’s debut album, GOOD LUCK, is a genre-fluid, experimental body of work that showcases the Nigerian-born, Montreal-raised artist’s personal growth and emotional depth. The album centres around Friday’s journey from the hedonistic rave scene to sobriety, a journey that is reflected in the album’s duelling themes of love and

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