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Q+A: Five minutes with Hypaton

With a career spanning over 12 years, producer Hypaton’s journey as an artist has been marked by evolution and growth. Inspired by EDM titans like David Guetta, Avicii, and Calvin Harris, he cut his teeth with big room tracks before transitioning toward trance. His latest sound, clever revamps of ’90s

Earlier this month, EDM producer ALISA FOX released her new single, a Big Room hitter titled ‘OLDSCHOOL’. The track is an independent release and follows her previously released track ‘MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT’, continuing the black and yellow theme, with bass drums that stand out just as starkly.  Stream /

In the years since Australian producer Flume first unleashed his post-dubstep, future bass trap upon the world, the electronic music landscape has shifted significantly. The off-kilter, staccato shapes of Flume’s sound, seemingly cut from moments of pause in between, have become more commonplace while the rise of hyperpop and future

There was a point, some point, at some time, where Diplo was cool. Whether that point was at his 2004 Ninja Tune debut or someplace during his tumultuous creative and personal relationship with M.I.A, it’s hard to pinpoint. But one thing is for certain, and it’s that point is not

Following on from his previous single ‘Slow Down Ft Willa‘ vocal house producer Prince Paris is hitting the airwaves again with ‘Speak Your Mind’ featuring rising vocalist Wilder, via Physical Presents. The track is centred around the idea of a partner that won’t communicate what is going on in their

Image by Hollie Fernando From infectiously groovy modern house to an experimental reworking of a hip hop legend’s song, we roundup our favourite releases of the week. In no particular order, here’s what we’ve had on repeat: Innellea / Stephan Bodzin – Boavista (Innellea Remix) German DJ and performance artist

       Image Credit: Isaac Garcia Now, along with the French circuit, it’s pretty clear we have a soft spot for Canada and the many talented musicians they have to offer. Take multi-platinum DJ Shaun Frank, for instance, who first landed on our radar early last year with his single ‘On Your

 Image credit: Trevor Brady  Last year Felix Cartal landed on our radar with his infectious platinum single ‘Mine’ which featured the talented singer Sophie Simmons. Little did we know, this would be the start of a series of releases that would build towards his emotional-filled album Expensive Sounds For Nice

  Photo credit: Kasey Lum Felix Cartal, known for his unique music videos that leave fans wanting more, has shared his latest offering. ‘Harmony’ (originally released on the 4th of September via Physical Presents) has been providing a source of enjoyment to many during a difficult year. The video was shot

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