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Leonardo Barbadoro Musica Automata

Review: Leonardo Barbadoro Unveils World’s Largest Robot Orchestra on new LP ‘Musica Automata’

Leonardo Barbadoro, formerly known by his electronic alias Koolmorf Widesen, is an Italian musician and producer based in Florence. The versatile composer released his highly anticipated album ‘Musica Automata’, comprised of music performed entirely by robots, released via Helical Records. As Koolmorf Widesen, he has performed alongside the likes of

Daringly diverse, and full of folk-driven melodies, Niilas’ fifth LP, ‘River of Noise’ was released on 3 November, to immediate acclaim. Already exciting ears around the world, its first two singles received extensive support from Stereogum and VICE. The new album’s varied tracks also gained significant airplay from both NPR

  French/Australian musician, producer, poet and video creator Benedict Sinister returned with a new single on the 29th October with ‘Only Sixteen‘. This sees the anonymous dance-floor darling unleash a new direction in his follow up to his club hits ‘EDM Mockney‘ (No. 23 on the UK Club Charts) and

  Norwegian producer and composer Niilas returns with his new single ‘Pyromid’, released on the 6th of October. With his debut album Also This Will Change gaining him a Norwegian Grammy Award (Spellemann) for ‘Electronic Music Record of the Year’, the multi-faceted producer has garnered over 1 million plays across

  In 2018, fabric concluded its iconic FABRICLIVE mix series with its 100th edition, helmed by Kode9 and Burial. Bringing together two of the UK’s most prominent and uncompromising dance music avant gardists was a stunning hattrick of a finale, one that fabric looks to reconjure with their latest fabric

If you’re familiar with the work of multidisciplinary drag artist Salvia, you’ll know that her work is transfixed with the ‘post,’ that is: post-gender, post-trans, post-human. For Salvia, her body has been her most favourite canvas on which to enact her quiet disruptions, contorting and mutating her form into impossibly

There’s a magical sort of thing that happens when you encounter dance music from a distance. The sound sort of bends out of shape, suddenly given space to sprawl over. The underbelly of bass reveals nuances usually lurking beneath layers of shimmering, crisp rhythms. Those rhythms now muddied into an

For Finnish electronic duo Ville Haimala and Martti Kalliala, AKA Amnesia Scanner, music proposes an opportunity to disrupt. Since 2016, they’ve acted on instinct, producing a small yet potent body of work that tears apart the codes of genre and convention. They exist as a constructed glitch in the matrix,

On Spalarkle (Alys), the first single of her latest LP, Spalarkle, hyperpop-adjacent English producer felicita brought a touch of electroclash to the PC Music palette. The timing couldn’t be more perfect. With the imminent return of indie sleaze on the horizon, felicita’s lo-fi electropunk lends itself nicely to the present

Anthony Naples is one of those instinctual producers who seems to master any style that might appeal to his creativity. In 2021, he released an album of shoegaze inspired ambient and then another of club ready bass and techno just months apart. Last year saw him join forces with DJ

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