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Hudson Mohawke, Nikki Nair – Set The Roof

Sometimes a collaboration comes about that can feel as electrifying as a lightning storm in a disco ball factory. That’s sort of the case with Nikki Nair and Hudson Mohawke, two known agents of chaos who’s joint EP, Set The Roof, was surprise dropped from the ether. It’s no surprise

If Australian producer Flume’s last album Palaces had a crowning jewel, it’s undoubtedly the haunting Sirens, featuring the sylphlike mermaid call of Caroline Polachek. With its fractured,  hydraulic bass and oscillating chords, Sirens was a hypnotic dirge that showcased the most brilliant parts of Flume’s artistry. For his remix of

It’s interesting to think that a whole generation is growing up on music SBTRKT has had some  sort of impact on, potentially without knowing who he even is. Granted, the English producer is infamously elusive. Often hidden behind a mask, even his moniker alludes to his penchant for anonymity. Most

Raising as many questions as he has hits, American producer Skrillex has become one of the most contentious figures in electronic music. Many feel that Skrillex should still be held accountable for the sins of his past. Afterall, unleashing the bastardised Frankenstein monster of dubstep and happy hardcore now known

From hyperactive UKG to future bass from the past, we roundup our favourite releases of the week. Listen below.  Follow our Roundup Selections playlist on Spotify to stay updated on what we have on repeat.   Sega Bodega – KEPKO On last year’s glowing Romeo, producer Sega Bodega further established

The super saturated, mass consumerist culture of late capitalist America is no new concept for electronic music. Its neon drenched aesthetics and inherent overstimulation are always ripe for picking. Perhaps most prominent as a major influence on the aesthetics and direction of hyperpop, it was embraced as an allegory for

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