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Blawan – Dismantled Into Juice

There was a collective sigh of relief from longtime fans of UK producer Blawan upon the release of his 2021 EP, Woke Up Right Handed. From the deliciously vaudevillian squabble of Under Belly to the gibberish scatter of Blika, the EP was a return to form of sorts after years

Is this the heaviest that Poppy has ever sounded? Possibly. Will it be the heaviest in her history? Likely not. Following the industrial techno throb of Church Outfit, the new single from internet sensation turned heavy metal popstar Poppy pivots back to scream heavy doomcore territory.   Download and stream

Recently seen behind the scenes of Kelela’s On The Run, Toronto DJ and producer Bambii is arguably one of the most exciting new acts to emerge from the Great North’s queer club circuit. Her exhilarating productions are the sort of tracks that sweep you up and leave you winded, non-stop

When SHERELLE and I. JORDAN met in the green room of Homobloc 2021, little did they know that their shared sentiment of being outsiders in electronic music would lead to the creation of their joint EP. The duo’s Reflections tour, which saw them play back-to-back in a number of queer

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