Mysterious Producer 1788-L Shares First Single From Upcoming Debut EP

Written by Maya-Rose Torrão

Last week the elusive producer who goes by 1788-L teased fans with a link to a new website titled What is 1788-L? and has now released his first single from his upcoming EP debut, ‘Sentience’, titled ‘F U L L / B U R S T’. This mysterious artist rose to fame at the beginning of this year with a remix of Virtual Self‘s ‘Particle Arts’ and has been getting more and more attention since, with his tracks such as ‘Multiverse’ (with 4AM), a remix of Daft Punk‘s ‘Rinzler’ and many other collaborations with big names in the dance music world such as Illenium, Said The Sky, and REZZ. With his immaculate and energetic productions, he has also gathered support from respected artists like Zeds Dead, Seven Lions, RL Grime and Ekali. Presently, the identity of 1788-L remains anonymous. The musician’s website is simply a computer bot that answers questions and when you ask “Who is 1788-L?”, the reply is: “S Y N T H E T I C / A U T O M A T O N / 1 7 8 8 – L.”

1788-L’s latest single was produced in conjunction with an underground future bass and trap producer named totto. ‘F U L L / B U R S T’ is a noisy bass masterpiece that brings a dark and heavy dubstep-inspired mega-drop to fruition with the words “machines are forever”, conjuring up images of a glitchy dystopian nightmare run by robots. To briefly tame the wild wall of bass and glitch, there are sections in the track that quiet in tone but not in intensity, continuing the ominous undertone of ‘F U L L / B U R S T’ but bringing the listener down just so that they can be brought up again to the massive drops that shake and twitch with mechanical ferocity.

We don’t know who 1788-L is, but we know that they’re on our watchlist when it comes to musicians blowing our minds in 2018. Listen to 1788-L’s latest track ‘F U L L / B U R S T’ below.

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