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Amnesia Scanner, Freeka Tet – STROBE.RIP

For Finnish electronic duo Ville Haimala and Martti Kalliala, AKA Amnesia Scanner, music proposes an opportunity to disrupt. Since 2016, they’ve acted on instinct, producing a small yet potent body of work that tears apart the codes of genre and convention. They exist as a constructed glitch in the matrix,

Ana Roxanne and Brian Piñeyro, AKA DJ Python, may fall on opposite ends of the musical spectrum, but that only makes their joint project Natural Wonder Beauty Concept all the more captivating. On their first single, Sword, they find a middle ground between Roxanne’s dream pop aesthetic and Piñeyro’s dembow-inspired

Singaporean glitch pop artist Yeule staked a claim for alt-pop stardom with last year’s beguiling and brilliant Glitch Princess, an album that fused her sonic interests into a singular style that sounded incredibly future focussed. One of those interests was a shoegaze, soft-rock sensibility, noticeable in the mellow way her

For a hot minute, Two Shell were heralded as the future of UK bass music. The mysterious duo, who have remained entirely anonymous, gained fast attention with their single home and for their inherent memeability in the electronic music community (“Two Shell are just Bicep for heads” floods Twitter to

English producer Seamus Rawles Malliagh, AKA Iglooghost, has occupied a more influential space in contemporary electronic music than one might expect. His sound, an experimental amalgamation of glitch, bass, and street culture formulated for the internet age has made Iglooghost particularly trendsetting, perhaps even more so than his peers like

UK songwriter and producer Clarence Clarity is best known for his work behind the scenes of other artists. In particular, his creative partnership with Rina Sawayama put Clarity on the map as one of the most innovative pop producers in the game today. His own work falls somewhere near the

The super saturated, mass consumerist culture of late capitalist America is no new concept for electronic music. Its neon drenched aesthetics and inherent overstimulation are always ripe for picking. Perhaps most prominent as a major influence on the aesthetics and direction of hyperpop, it was embraced as an allegory for

Atlanta’s Nikki Nair is sort of unmatched when it comes to creating dexterous and ever mutating formulations of breakbeats and club sounds. Defining Nair’s work per-se is nearly impossible, in the span of three minutes he could surge from footwork to drill’n’bass to dubstep and back again. Last year’s excellent

In Carnatic music, a raga is performed by a vocalist singing improvisations in the corresponding  register, in turn leading a small band of tabla, sitar, and violin to follow their patterns and rhythmic gymnastics. It’s like jazz being led by scat, but somehow more regimented despite its largely improvisational nature.

Image: Hyperdub There is a moment on Reflection, the third album from London producer Loraine James, where she confronts her audience directly, casually breaking the fourth wall on a track titled Self Doubt (Leaving The Club Early). “I know you may not like this one. But it’s just fun, you

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