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Rinse FM acquires pirate radio station, Kool FM

Rinse FM, one of the leading dance music radio stations in London, has acquired Kool London Radio, an iconic pirate radio station that was the definitive home of jungle and drum’n’bass in the 90s. Founded in 1991, Kool broadcast from East London rooftops, and featured a number of influential artists

Amidst the ongoing energy crisis in the UK which has seen the cost of energy skyrocket, live music venues and nightlife organisations in the UK are calling on the government to help alleviate them to avoid industry-wide bankruptcy.  An open letter penned by The Nighttime Industries Association, the Music Venue

Three years ago, the world lost Keith Flint. The frontman of legendary electronic group The Prodigy, Flint is one of the most iconic figures in the history of UK dance music. It’s a good time to revisit the work of The Prodigy; With the current state of UK politics in

The UK government has reached a final decision in their plans to scrap Plan B. The initiative, which was put in place after ‘Freedom Day’ in July last year, made it required by law to provide proof of vaccination or a negative lateral flow test in order to enter nightclubs,

This past weekend UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that he intends to scrap free lateral flow Covid-19 testing at concerts and live music events. In a report from The Sunday Times, it was revealed that Johnson plans to do away with free testing everywhere with the exception of high

It often feels as if Burial occupies an entirely different time space to everyone else, an outsider quality that has made the UK producer both icon and enigma. Maintaining a ghost in the machine aura that’s had people guessing he could actually be anyone from Four Tet to Skrillex for

England announced last week that it would officially be making vaccinations mandatory for entry into nightclubs and live music venues. The decision, which was originally proposed as early as May, has seen a huge amount of back and forth from the government concerning its enforcement. The choice to move forward

Harmattan, the latest project from London based multidisciplinary composer Klein, opens with a simple enough gesture; a piano aria. But as for solo / piano reaches its apex, the chords scatter and spin erratically before surging into the sparse syncopation of roc. It’s intrinsic to the album’s namesake; the harmattan

Image: XL Recordings It wouldn’t be without reason to say that Overmono have slowly been going back to their roots. This recourse began with the arrival of BMW Track/So U Kno ahead of their fabric presents mix and compilation. The two track release on Poly Kicks saw the UK duo

IMAGE: MARCUS MOONEN/VIA FLICKR Keyboardist, bassist and member of pioneering acid house band 808 State Andrew “Andy” Barker has died. The Manchester band confirmed Barker’s passing on social media. An Instagram post on Saturday with a photo of Barker included the caption: “After a happy life Andrew Barker experienced a

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