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PREMIERE: CRRDR – ‘Prende La UwUaracha’

After a year of touring Latin America and Europe, exploring the meaning of Latin Core and Latin Tek, but more so after his track Traaa was removed from all digital platforms in an act of censorship, CRRDR prepares to close the year with his emotional and transcendental release RIP Latincore

Released on 10 November, and right off the heels of their nationwide tour popular electronic-dance-rock duo BoomBox delivers Dangerous Waters. Their wildly enjoyable new album perfectly toes the line between “dance” and “lounge.” Founded in 2004 by singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Zion Rock Godchaux, who tapped Kinsman MacKay in for

Renowned as one of the electronic music industry’s brightest luminaries, Tim Engelhardt has curated an impeccable catalogue of chart-topping club records and critically acclaimed leftfield offerings throughout his esteemed, decade-long career. A stalwart favourite with influential Cologne DJ and producer has recently unveiled the inception of his very own music

  Blanco Decazador is the solo project of Spanish born, Galician-based artist Iván Blanco. His proposal deforms, superimposes and contorts layers and layers of samples through a complex process, generating hypnotic landscapes that bend and rotate like diffused memories. Blanco‘s music, conceived as a film without an image, narrates and

  Norwegian producer and composer Niilas returns with his new single ‘Pyromid’, released on the 6th of October. With his debut album Also This Will Change gaining him a Norwegian Grammy Award (Spellemann) for ‘Electronic Music Record of the Year’, the multi-faceted producer has garnered over 1 million plays across

Enigmatic and versatile Canadian producer and arranger Hologramme returns to grace us with a new album titled, SOLEDAD opus 32 no.1, released on the 29th of September 2023 via his own imprint Société Holographique de Montréal. Having garnered over 5.2 million streams across all platforms, Hologramme has also appeared at

Image: Fletcher Cowan While most artists might elect to revisit their early work in a retrospective context, London electronic music duo Eli & Fur are taking it a step further – re-recording and re-releasing their iconic debut single, You’re So High. But then, Eli & Fur aren’t most artists. The

  iFeature is a multi-talented artist known for their genre-blurring music and their hands-on approach to every aspect of the creative process. ‘Told Myself’ is his latest self-made masterpiece, showcasing his exceptional skills in music production, visual art, and promotion. Releasing on September 22nd, the track features an eclectic blend

Producer Ed is Dead strides forward into the unknown, boldly exploring the landscape that is the rapidly changing music industry, a place now inhabited by AI enthusiasts and critics alike. Having embraced this relatively new technology, however, he has tinkered with a prompt-based search engine WolframAlpha to compose his latest

In a blaze of burning synths and palpitating kicks sits Ethan Tait, a DJ and producer from the heart of South Africa. Having started his music journey as a teen in Cape Town’s electronic music scene, he went on to begin a full-time music career in his new home, Johannesburg.

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