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Los Angeles art rockers HEALTH are one of the most interesting acts in the worlds of noise and industrial, with their unique blend of influences that span from the dive bar to the dance floor, and has the unwavering approval of Trent Reznor. Their latest project, the two part DISCO4,

Two years ago, Sasu Ripatti started from scratch. The noise producer, also known as Vladislav Delay, threw out all his old equipment and took a near six year hiatus before reemerging with 2020’s Raka and a footwork album under his own name. Raka, and its sequel released last year, introduced

Welcome to the second half of 2022. Congrats, we made it! Going into the end of the second quarter of the year, there’s a ton of amazing new music to look forward to. This week, we roundup our favourite new releases from VTSS going pop to Vladislav Delay’s latest industrial

Few debuts are as striking as Kelly Lee Owens’s 2017 self-titled album which, simply put, was a revelation. The Welsh producer/songwriter introduced herself to the world with a sound not easily defined, but traceable. Brewing minimal techno and hazy dream-pop with atmospheric, new age ambient and even touches of caustic

Blanck Mass |Starstuff (Single Edit)| Sacred Bones Records ‘In Fernaux’ Release Date: 26 February, 2021 There’s certainly a lot to say about British producer Benjamin John Power: founder of experimental drone band Fuck Buttons and most commonly known under his solo moniker Blanck Mass. The artist is unafraid to – destroy –

HEALTH | CYBERPUNK| Loma Vista Recordings / Concord Single Release Date: 17 September, 2020 DISCO4 Part I Album Release Date: 16 October, 2020 The world is a terrifying place; there’s no mincing words here. This past year, which somehow isn’t even over yet (it’s safe to assume the majority

The discussion surrounding music, live events and their subsequent impact on the environment has moved further into the spotlight in recent years; as the threat of climate change grows ever more obvious. As more people rally together in order to bring awareness, and further action to combat climate change; the

OZMOTIC are an innovative duo with extensive musical affiliations. Located in Italy, the pair are comprised of Simone Bosco and Riccardo Giovinetto. Known for their experiments in electronica and glitch, the instrumental duo draw influences from artists such as Miles Davis, Steve Lacy, Pan Sonic amongst others, OZMOTIC’s style could

Following on from their recent singles series, Adult Swim have released their latest offering – a 16-track of noise music’s strongest. Simply titled NOISE, the compilation starts off with a new track from noise-rap trio clipping, then moving into new sounds from a vast range of artists that under the

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