The Innovative iFeature returns with a jam-packed LP, ‘Forbidden’

iFeature has made a splash with their latest album, Forbidden, which they dropped on April 26, 2024. Renowned for their daring combination of music and visual art, iFeature beckons listeners on a riveting 12-track journey through a spectrum of emotions. iFeature defies convention as an artist, showcasing not only musical prowess but also a profound talent in visual arts and a steadfast commitment to self-promotion through hands-on DIY methods. Their multifaceted skill set, which includes piano mastery since the age of 5, complete control over mixing, mastering, recording, sound creation, and delivering soul-stirring vocals, underscores an unparalleled level of ingenuity and devotion. Despite being just 23 years old, iFeature has already achieved notable success in their burgeoning career.


Crafted in their home studios across Paris, France, and Lübeck, Germany, Forbidden stands as a symbol of resilience and innovation. Merging blistering dubstep and wobbly, dizzying drum and bass, iFeature  crafts a unique auditory experience that’s both immersive and reflective. More than an album, Forbidden is a journey of self-discovery and authenticity. It’s a call to trust and express oneself fearlessly, a testament to iFeature’s  genre-defying music and artistic dedication.


Forbidden offers a fresh perspective on  electronic music, urging listeners to explore  their emotions and break free from constraints. iFeature welcomes all to experience this  groundbreaking release and to stay updated  via their social media platforms.



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