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Spotify In The Spotlight: New Ad Campaign Under Fire

Spotify has found itself in the spotlight once again, and (once again) most certainly not for the right reasons. Whether it’s lawsuits, feature rollbacks or ad campaigns: Spotify seems to be struggling when it comes to presenting itself as a company that puts musicians first. The streaming giant’s latest moves

In every career path, whether it be centered in the STEM fields, or in the Arts – one of the most important resources working individuals should always have access to is a professional whom they can reach out to in case of workplace issues: every employee deserves an HR department.

It was in June 2008, when an infant spark erupted within the back lot of Universal Studios in Hollywood; and before there was a moment to even blink, a massive fire engulfed the film studio. For almost an entire 24 hours, the fire lapped up everything within its path, greedily

The hold that our phones have on our lives is often compared to an addiction – a habit that, despite our ‘we can quit at anytime’ attitude, we find it increasingly more difficult to actually press the ‘power off’ button. Considering the world in an alternate timeline; devoid of cellular

Since the advent of the internet, the ability to connect to one another has become easier than ever. Not only are we able to communicate with those closest to us, whenever, wherever – but we are able to reach strangers thousands of kilometers away; make friends with people in completely

For those of us who grew up during the 90’s and earlier 00’s,the prospect of becoming a well-known musician, able to release music for public consumption and be recognised for it – was, for the most part, a pipe dream. During this time, physical media was the go-to, and being

Musical biopics: the life and times of an icon, set to a catchy soundtrack – what could be better, when celebrating a legend? Singing along to our favourite songs while getting a real glimpse into the musicians past, can be an extremely powerful experience for fans and overall music lovers

The news of our favourite clubs and venues closing down can certainly be an absolutely heartbreaking experience. Especially for those who have been frequenting the same venues for long periods of time – watching their doors shut for good can be truly heartbreaking; while the music scene simultaneously dwindles in

With a growing concern for the environment, festivals are finally starting to catch up. Bringing thousands of people together, festivals can be an incredible experience for festival goers – but not particularly fantastic for the environment. When we think of festivals, the image of post-fest shenanigans spring to mind and

The fashion world is infamous for it’s insensitive blunders; from ‘taking inspiration’ from designs created by other artists and racist campaigns (recently Dolce & Gabbana, Prada & Gucci have all been in the spotlight due to this) highlighting the complete lack of insight from these famous fashion houses. The issue

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