Motion Colors paints sonic landscapes with new ambient track, ‘Totality’

Motion Colors, the multifaceted musician, artist, and director, unveiled a mesmerizing new single titled ‘Totality’ on April 26, 2024, through Motion Waves Music. This captivating track is featured on his latest album, Genesis, a three-track release accessible for streaming across all platforms.

With a creative journey spanning over 18 years, Motion Colors stands as an avant-garde artistic endeavor poised to push the boundaries of electronic music and visual artistry. Rooted in a forward-thinking ethos, Motion Colors seeks not only to innovate within the realm of electronic music but also to explore new frontiers in cinema and directing, seamlessly merging sound and vision.

‘Totality’ emerges as an enchanting ambient piece, guiding listeners on an immersive voyage to distant landscapes. Oscillating between serene passages infused with gentle synths and luminous pads to moments of exhilarating intensity marked by gritty sawtooth swells evoking imagery of outer space, the track offers an unforgettable sonic odyssey.


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