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Massive Attack commission research to help reduce the carbon footprint of live music events

Image by Warren Du Preez & Nick Thornton Massive Attack are calling on the government to initiate plans to reduce carbon emissions produced by concerts and live music events. The iconic band commissioned a report called the Roadmap To Super Low Carbon Live Music in association with the Tyndall Centre

Music has always been a powerful tool  for change; with the incredible experiences it is able to provoke, it’s almost quite astounding that carefully constructed sounds are able to change our lives, and subsequently our societies, in extremely impactful and meaningful ways. While many genres can induce pure enjoyment, euphoria

The discussion surrounding music, live events and their subsequent impact on the environment has moved further into the spotlight in recent years; as the threat of climate change grows ever more obvious. As more people rally together in order to bring awareness, and further action to combat climate change; the

By Jenna Dreisenstock As the society is scrambling to pick up the pieces, the climate change crisis is growing ever more terrifying in recent years. With erratic and devastating natural disasters becoming more frequent, with many losing their homes and lives without the ability to rebuild; if we continue the

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