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Poppy – Knockoff

Over the past three years, former YouTube sensation Poppy has metamorphosed her sound from doe-eyed bubblegum pop to seething, angst heavy mutations of nu-metal and hardcore industrial rock. The surprising pivot proved polarising for some, but was entirely necessary to establish Poppy as an artist outside of her viral origins.

If you’re familiar with the work of multidisciplinary drag artist Salvia, you’ll know that her work is transfixed with the ‘post,’ that is: post-gender, post-trans, post-human. For Salvia, her body has been her most favourite canvas on which to enact her quiet disruptions, contorting and mutating her form into impossibly

On Spalarkle (Alys), the first single of her latest LP, Spalarkle, hyperpop-adjacent English producer felicita brought a touch of electroclash to the PC Music palette. The timing couldn’t be more perfect. With the imminent return of indie sleaze on the horizon, felicita’s lo-fi electropunk lends itself nicely to the present

From Y2K inspired pop to 90’s trance inspired techno, we roundup our favourite releases of the week. Listen below.    Dom Dolla, Nelly Furtado – Eat Your Man Dom Dolla’s latest banger also serves as somewhat of a comeback for Canadian pop star Nelly Furtado, who contributes the track’s repeated

From GrimesAI’s best single yet to deeply personal minimal electronica, we roundup our favorite tracks of the week. Listen below.    VTSS, Tim Reaper – Body, Mind, Hell (Tim Reaper Remix) With her debut EP, Circulus Vitiosus, VTSS pivoted toward vocal-driven alternative pop, a U-turn of sorts from the ravey,

US rapper Ashnikko is a bit like Grimes if Grimes did hip-hop and made cyber drill music. The two share similar aesthetic points of view, rooted in the sort of futuristic high fantasy of video games like Skyrim and Final Fantasy. In the music video for her latest single and

The potential relationship between gqom and grime reveal significant similarities between the two styles, with both arising from Black, urban spaces and driven by the disillusionment of radical Black youth culture. These similarities have begun to be explored by pioneers of both genres, the recent collaboration between DJ Lag and

Is this the heaviest that Poppy has ever sounded? Possibly. Will it be the heaviest in her history? Likely not. Following the industrial techno throb of Church Outfit, the new single from internet sensation turned heavy metal popstar Poppy pivots back to scream heavy doomcore territory.   Download and stream

From experimental club beats to darkwave informed industrial, these are the tracks you need to hear this week.    yunè pinku – Fai Fighter Inspired by the convergence of ancient Hindu mythology with sci-fi futurism, Malaysian-Irish producer yunè pinku’s latest EP Babylon is a kaleidoscopic rave odyssey. Fai Fighter, the

From dark industrial bass to new music from a legendary techno act, we roundup our favourite tracks of the week. Listen below.    Shygirl – Playboy / Positions In revealing the deluxe version of her debut album Nymph, UK rapper and pop artist Shygirl has shared remixes of Nymph tracks

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