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Vladislav Delay – Isoviha

Two years ago, Sasu Ripatti started from scratch. The noise producer, also known as Vladislav Delay, threw out all his old equipment and took a near six year hiatus before reemerging with 2020’s Raka and a footwork album under his own name. Raka, and its sequel released last year, introduced

Moor Mother is at war with time. The Philadelphian poet and experimental rap artist has theorised through her work a means to rewrite the exclusion of women and Black voices from history itself, a practice she refers to as Black Quantum Futurism. For her, linear time is a captor that

Last year, Canadian composer and sound designer Loscil released the triumphant Clara. It was an album that explored depth and vastness. Meditative and spiritual in quality, Clara presented gorgeously imagined pieces of ambient soundscape and orchestral string experimentations. With his latest work, the Sails series, Loscil turns toward the physical.

Image: Hyperdub Harnessing the potential for sound to literally shape space is a rare skill, yet it’s one that seems to come organically for London based composer, producer and DJ Lee Gamble. As a sonic sculptor, Gamble creates the sort of work that feels three dimensional in its scope; pieces

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