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Blanck Mass explores entropy on improvised live LP, ‘Mind Killer’

Image by Harrison Reid Closely following the release of In Ferneaux in February, experimental maestro Benjamin John Power or Blanck Mass has released a new live LP, Mind Killer. The project is released via his own label, Weirding Way. The LP is an entirely improvised performance that was originally live-streamed

Blanck Mass |Starstuff (Single Edit)| Sacred Bones Records ‘In Fernaux’ Release Date: 26 February, 2021 There’s certainly a lot to say about British producer Benjamin John Power: founder of experimental drone band Fuck Buttons and most commonly known under his solo moniker Blanck Mass. The artist is unafraid to – destroy –

Blanck Mass | Animated Violence Mild | Sacred Bones Records Release Date: 16th August, 2019 Image Credit: Alex De Mora The world we as human beings have sculpted finds itself in a constant state of flux; the uncertainty of destruction, breaking down the shaky foundations which we have created simmers

There’s nothing better than finding new music – except perhaps, new music being released by our absolute favourite artists! Never knowing what to expect, the anxiety of whether the single, EP or album will live up to our expectations can’t be denied; but approaching new material always requires an open

Its promotional material states proudly that Dumb Flesh is “A comment on the flaws of the human form in its current evolutionary state. The frailty of the human body naturally became a resonant and inescapable part of the album’s gestation” – which is the kind of thing you might read on an

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