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Disclosure – Alchemy

There’s been somewhat of a turning point for UK electronic music duo Disclosure recently, one which has seen them pivot away from the chart friendly, vocally driven dance pop that had become their trademark. Though they’ve kept this part of themselves alive through high profile remixes, their recent DJ Kicks

That Ben Howard can play musical hopscotch, flitting from one style to the next, while maintaining a melodic and musical identity is testament to the English singer-songwriter’s preternatural talents. His approach to music is intrinsically natural to him, and hitherto unique from everyone else. The finger-plucked guitar popularised by him

In Tony Kushner’s iconic play Angels in America, the main character, Prior, experiences visions of angels and embraces his role as a prophet while battling AIDS. This interpretation of death as a spiritual awakening resonates with FKA Redcar, also known as Christine and the Queens or, simply, Chris. Chris, like

Grammy nominated Canadian writer, producer, and DJ Jayda G loves making you feel good. Her acclaimed 2021 DJ Kicks compilation, and 2020 EP Both Of Us / Are You Down, would establish Jayda G as a purveyor of feel good, vibey house music formulated for sunsets and Sunday fun days.

In the seven years since UK electronic music duo Overmono broke onto the scene, the brothers Tom and Ed Russell have, rather quickly, set the standard for the bass and breaks revival that they entered into. From the offset, their style and approach to production was distinct – minimal conglomerations

On 2020’s What’s Your Pleasure?, English singer-songwriter Jessie Ware found herself at Studio 54. This foray into retro disco, fused with Ware’s contemporary pop instincts, proved somewhat of a breakthrough for the artist who at that point, was four albums into her career. “I want people to have sex to

You know that moment in a Looney Tunes skit where a dangling anvil suddenly falls on someone’s head, burying them into the ground, as the orchestra swells in a farcical phrase? Consider how macabre an image that is, which through the lens of cartoonish humour, suddenly becomes joyous. With A

Karin Dreijer opens Radical Romantics with an apology. “I’ve done all the tricks that I can,” confesses Dreijer, offering us their atonement. After all, being a fan of Fever Ray is a complex experience. First introduced to the world as a genderfucked shamanic entity wielding primordial witch house beats, it

The first mistake one might make when approaching 100 Gecs is taking them too seriously. Seriously, don’t. Understandably, this has become a lot more difficult given their meteoric rise and the establishment of Dylan Brady and Laura Les as hyperpop tastemakers, thrust upon them following the release of their seminal

In 1986, Prince recorded an album as a woman. Camille, as she and the project were both christened, saw Prince pitching his voice up and assuming a more androgynous appearance to transform into the titular persona. It was condemned by his label, and for all accounts lost to the archives

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