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Headphone Activist

Q+A: 5 minutes with Headphone Activist

For many creatives, music is a means to express what they struggle to articulate in other ways. It is true that the medium enables a fluid translation from heart to waveform, that is to say, from raw emotion to audible composition. Perhaps it’s because feelings are often complicated and layered.

Gumar, the latest EP from the sensational Fatima Al Qadiri, is a shimmering example of cultural fusion at its best. Her inclusion of Arabic culture and heritage in the otherwise whitewashed sphere of ambient and downtempo is a breath of fresh air, as was her early work which traversed the

It seems that Vancouver ambient producer and composer Loscil is making a habit of starting each new year with a new, and breathtaking, body of work. Last year gave us The Sails, a collection of sound pieces designed specifically for dance, and the year before saw the tranquil and triumphant

From ambient soundscapes to unexpected remixes, we roundup our favourite releases of the week. Listen below. Follow our Roundup Selections playlist on Spotify to stay updated on what we have on repeat.   Nakhane – My Ma Was Good The latest single from Nakhane’s upcoming EP, Leading Lines, continues their

A photographer and a signee of the independent, Deep House record label AnjunaDeep, Lycoriscoris is a multitalented creative who dabbles in an array of genres and art forms. Most recently, he released an album, Sketches From Memory. The 10-track LP falls within the scope of the Ambient genre with soundscapes

It’s eerie how timeous ANTIDAWN, the dystopian ambient album Burial dropped at the start of the year, was in hindsight. Inspired by playable character POVs in videogames, ANTIDAWN was an experiment that found itself in barren, ghostly, and decaying noise. Not long after the world heard the enigmatic UK producer’s

From demonic soundscapes to serpentine techno, we roundup our favourite releases of the week. Listen below.  Follow our Roundup Selections playlist on Spotify to stay updated on what we have on repeat.   Lolahol – Lock&Key For her debut single, Lourdes Leon, the daughter of an artist you may know

Two years ago, Sasu Ripatti started from scratch. The noise producer, also known as Vladislav Delay, threw out all his old equipment and took a near six year hiatus before reemerging with 2020’s Raka and a footwork album under his own name. Raka, and its sequel released last year, introduced

If you close your eyes while listening to Andrew Tuttle, chances are you’re about to be transported somewhere unexpected. The Australian producer and banjo player has carved out a distinct niche for himself, intersecting the conventions and motifs of country and folk Americana with immersive ambient electronica. In straddling these

Last year, Canadian composer and sound designer Loscil released the triumphant Clara. It was an album that explored depth and vastness. Meditative and spiritual in quality, Clara presented gorgeously imagined pieces of ambient soundscape and orchestral string experimentations. With his latest work, the Sails series, Loscil turns toward the physical.

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