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Review: The Burma impress with ‘Crazy Dreams & Cruel Realities’ LP

  Irish Indie rock-n-rollers The Burma return with a stunning full length album titled Crazy Dreams & Cruel Realities released on the 6th of October 2023. Having received support from The Rolling Stone India, CLASH Magazine, NOTION Magazine, Hot Press, Atwood Magazine, and Off, the 3 piece band has

British chillout act Kinobe recently released their brand-new full-length album, ‘Over The Horizon’, on the 4th of August via the SGKL imprint. Originally from West London, the band came together in 1998 and currently consists of Julius Waters and Chuck Norman. Their sound could best be described as an enigmatic

Nau Leone began releasing a run of singles in September of 2022 when he dropped Nº1 Cambio, the first single to be made public from his then-pending album. Now, Nau Leone keeps us waiting no longer. That is to say, he has finally released his long-awaiting album titled Cambio via

A musician only releases one debut album. It is an understatement to say that it is a special moment in an artist’s creative development. Being a full-length body of work that requires a sizable investment of time, energy, and attention, releasing an album shows the public that an artist is

French producer Kasztan has been building momentum. The Stemina Recordings imprint signee has released his third consecutive single in the last two months. His latest single, ‘Mzella’, is yet another gripping offering. Kasztan is seemingly unafraid of stepping into different genre pockets. Contrary to what one might expect, he manages to

Little time has passed since award-winning producer Six Missing released his first Intention EP (which he dropped on New Year’s Day of ‘22) and began his mindful walk through textured soundscapes. Ending the year the same way he started it, he has released his latest project Intention II, a 5-track

A photographer and a signee of the independent, Deep House record label AnjunaDeep, Lycoriscoris is a multitalented creative who dabbles in an array of genres and art forms. Most recently, he released an album, Sketches From Memory. The 10-track LP falls within the scope of the Ambient genre with soundscapes

In August, UK band Mellor released their first single of 2022 titled ‘Gargoyle Groove’. The record would later be followed by two more, namely ‘Meet Me By The Ocean’ and ‘Battle Hardened’. Together, these three singles would form the cookie-crumb trail leading to the release of their new album Problematic

Oh, the Places you’ll go with multi-instrumentalist Calcou and his latest EP. Despite only being released last Friday via MfDR+C, the EP is quickly gaining traction around the world with the previously released singles ‘Below’, ‘Above’ and ‘Beyond’ clearly paving the way for success, having been picked up by Spotify

Experimental ambient producer sweeep has released her latest album, wake up before u die with all of its unusual goodness to boot.  The Stockholm-based producer has worked with a string of well-known names including lo-fi royalty Eevee, the enigmatic WTCHCRFT and most recently DJ Clea. The recently released album opens

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