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Q+A: 5 minutes with Wareika

German electronic triplet Wareika has released their latest LP, a 45-minute unity divided in two parts, via the Ornaments imprint. Titled, Tizinabi, the album is a hybrid of sizzling Jazzy guitar, and synthetic tonal accents, with vocal scats demarcating the in-between spaces and giving swing to the rhythmically complex composition.

Today, we are reviewing something truly special. The subject of our discussion is an album by a budding artist with undeniable talent. An artist who, with a love for classic generation-defining acts like Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd, has it all. The panache, the poise, and the fire. You name

Nau Leone began releasing a run of singles in September of 2022 when he dropped Nº1 Cambio, the first single to be made public from his then-pending album. Now, Nau Leone keeps us waiting no longer. That is to say, he has finally released his long-awaiting album titled Cambio via

AISTÈ has catalysed a personal musical renaissance. Her new single ‘What’s Going On’ throws the status quo into doubt, tapping AISTÈ‘s existential side to explore themes reminiscent of the age of Woodstock, that is, akin to the ponderings of live-wire acts who gave their all to their art and message. Artists

A musician only releases one debut album. It is an understatement to say that it is a special moment in an artist’s creative development. Being a full-length body of work that requires a sizable investment of time, energy, and attention, releasing an album shows the public that an artist is

It’s official. Rock band The Burma have released their brand new album Sucker For Stars. Let’s unlatch the bonnet and see what makes this baby roar. Starting strong, the record ‘Out In The Heat’ is a scorcher. Like being caught in a seductress’s snare, we are drawn to the band’s

Electro-pop songstress Little Boots a.k.a. Victoria Hesketh is a divine breath of nostalgia as she takes us back to the ‘70s with her disco-infused track ‘Landline’. Released via her independent imprint Repeat Records, the singer has shared that this is her first big producing project. ‘Landline’ is set to feature

        Image credit: Joakim Reimer Within the deep recesses of synthwave, you’ll find several notorious producers who have created names for themselves with their epic albums. Take Com Truise, for instance with his two albums Galactic Melt and In Decay that set the bar for 2011 and 2012. A further step

Image credit: Viktor Schanz With an aptitude for creating stellar dancefloor tracks time and time again, Felix Jaehn has shared that he will be releasing his new album Breathe via Universal Music on the 1st of October. While we await this highly anticipated album to be unveiled, the music producer

Image Credit: Hot Vox London-based four-piece Giant Sky’s latest album Not Today released via Bloody Sunset Records will lead the mind to wander back to days when you wore too much eyeliner. Consisting of musicians Jon Hatch, Toby Mcfee, Jay Amesbury and vocalist Olivia Bond, the band have been sharing

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