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Headphone Activist

Q+A: 5 minutes with Headphone Activist

For many creatives, music is a means to express what they struggle to articulate in other ways. It is true that the medium enables a fluid translation from heart to waveform, that is to say, from raw emotion to audible composition. Perhaps it’s because feelings are often complicated and layered.

Little time has passed since award-winning producer Six Missing released his first Intention EP (which he dropped on New Year’s Day of ‘22) and began his mindful walk through textured soundscapes. Ending the year the same way he started it, he has released his latest project Intention II, a 5-track

If you close your eyes while listening to Andrew Tuttle, chances are you’re about to be transported somewhere unexpected. The Australian producer and banjo player has carved out a distinct niche for himself, intersecting the conventions and motifs of country and folk Americana with immersive ambient electronica. In straddling these

By Jenna Dreisenstock The auditory experience of the visual media we consume is automatically thought of as – scores, music that accompanies the narrative. It’s quite obvious, and celebrated too. However, amongst the score embraces in companionship sound design – this refers to the ways in which sound designers create

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