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Is social media really that helpful to bands?

  Social media can be a powerful tool for bands and musicians, but its effectiveness depends on how it is used. Here are some ways in which social media can be helpful to bands:   Promotion and Marketing: Social media platforms provide bands with a cost-effective way to promote their

  Irish Indie rock-n-rollers The Burma return with a stunning full length album titled Crazy Dreams & Cruel Realities released on the 6th of October 2023. Having received support from The Rolling Stone India, CLASH Magazine, NOTION Magazine, Hot Press, Atwood Magazine, and Off, the 3 piece band has

  Up-and-coming virtual reality band Maverick recently released their new single, ‘I love coffee culture’, on the 4th of October.  Headed by John Cristal, he invites wonderfully talented guest musicians and singers to help him create and produce the songs he has written – 11 so far. Maverick’s music is

  Norwegian indie band The Mercury Sound return with a phantasmal single in,’This Town Ain’t Big Enough (For The Both Of Us)’, released on the 22nd september off of their new album LUNAR RADIO. Based in Oslo, they are fronted by main songwriter Marius Børresen, and have appeared at Oslo

  Originally from Galway, Dublin based Indie-rock band The Valmonts released their new single ‘Cry & Get A Little Drunk’ on the 15th of September via Watts Hill Records. The single will come off of their upcoming EP Living In A Paranoid Trance. With publication support from the likes of

Kinobe is heading toward the launch of their newest album, Over The Horizon, on the 4th of August. And with that, the much-supported band has given listeners a fragment of the greater whole that is yet to come. Their recently released single, ‘Falling Star’, is precisely what you might expect

Breaking into the international music market can be a challenge for non-native English-speaking musicians. It is for this reason that it doesn’t seem to happen often, but this is not true for today’s Q+A guests. Koala Voice is a Slovene band that has seen the world so to speak, having

Readying themselves and listeners for their sophomore album, Irish Indie Rock band The Burma present their latest fuzzy single, ‘23’, a cloudy haze of inverted vocal reverberations, pillow-soft notes, and underwater instrumentations. Dunked in goopy fuzz, the track fizzles like an ice-cold soda on a hot summer’s day.  Stream /

While the rest of the world was unsuspectingly slumbering, GIVVEN were collaborating on an audio-visual EP that would be a game-changer. Our first hint of what is to come was ‘Taking On Water’ with its blue-tinted video, followed by the EP’s title track – ‘Losing Colours’ which has just been

 Image credit: Mitch Brown Let’s pause to consider the vast nature of “dance music” and all that it entails. Between the pillars of house and techno, you’ll find your unmistakable legends of the industry. In the vast outdoors, you’ll venture into the likes of trance and D&B and within the

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