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Q+A: 5 minutes with Patricia Baloge

Patricia Baloge is a bit of a nomad. The French Ghanian, New York based singer-songwriter and producer wears her complex cultural roots on her sleeve and weaves their textures into her music. The result is a distinct and forward thinking emulsion of house, afrobeats, highlife, and neon soaked synthwave; a

As we continue our trend of follow up interviews, we find ourselves returning to an old-time favourite, The Toxic Avenger as he reveals another EP. You may remember him as we sat down to dissect the Shifted EP which would go on to gain momentum around the world. The producer

Oh, the Places you’ll go with multi-instrumentalist Calcou and his latest EP. Despite only being released last Friday via MfDR+C, the EP is quickly gaining traction around the world with the previously released singles ‘Below’, ‘Above’ and ‘Beyond’ clearly paving the way for success, having been picked up by Spotify

When an artist leaves us with more questions than answers after an exclusive interview, we’re always itching to sit down with them again and dig a little deeper. Take CruSz, for example, who originally landed on our radar with the release of his in-your-face EP Okay Boomerz early last year.

It’s difficult to not get excited when you hear about an Italian-Persian who’s fully embracing both sides of her heritage. Take NAVA for instance, who has just released her fourth EP, NAFAS which translates into “Breath”. The avant-pop songstress was born in Terhan and is currently based in Milan but

Swedish producer biskuwi has been creating music for over 20 years, with appearances in numerous rock and metal bands before turning their head towards electronic music, especially deep house and techno. Along the way, the producer co-founded the Mercurial Tones Electronic Music Academy and label and set up an exceptionally

Sometimes a tale just captures your attention and holds it, wiggling its way into your mind and holding fast. Beauty is created when that story evolves into a new form, beyond the expected narrative and into a new realm. Take Greg Kozo, for instance, the French musician who heard the

Kicking off our new podcast series is none other than techno icon Ellen Allien. A generational visionary, she has always looked to the future for inspiration, carving her own path in the world of techno and the Berlin dance scene as DJ, musician, label-manager and creative all rounder. Unable to

Downtempo pop trio GIVVEN have recently released their latest EP, Losing Colours which was written and recorded around the globe and features three cinematic videos filmed in Iceland. Earlier this month, we sat down for an exclusive interview with the band, in which we discussed the title track of the

It was just under a year ago that KARMACODA shared their transformative LP, ‘Slow Down, Melt and Catch Fire which would create a stir in the downtempo pop community. Unexpectedly, it also caught the attention of several well-known house aficionados who stepped forward to put their spin on some of

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