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Review: Hodge’s Midnight Blend Between Ambient Soundscapes & Club-Ready Cuts In ‘Shadows In Blue’

Hodge | Shadows In Blue | Houndstooth Release Date: 17 April, 2020 The navigation of personal change is a turbulent voyage, to say the least. As we traverse the inner parts of ourselves, we are forced to confront both the brightest suns that lie within us, along with the most

Purity Ring | WOMB | 4AD Release Date: 3 April, 2020 The deeply conceptual and emotional nature of duo Purity Ring’s work has always been one of their most alluring traits; the sweet velveteen vocals of songstress Megan James with the intimate craft of dreamlike electronic and synth-pop – and

Nicolás Jaar | Cenizas | Other People Release Date: 27 March, 2020 Trying to define the auditory personality of Nicolás Jaar isn’t an easy feat by any means; the artist’s distinct prowess when it comes to fluidly blending genres allows for an always alluring expectation of the experimental – not

Daniel Avery & Alessandro Cortini | Illusion Of Time |Mute / Phantasy Release Date: 27 March, 2020 The work of UK techno producer Daniel Avery embodies an intricately woven contrast of light and dark; as the artist embraces energetic, club-ready cuts intertwined with experimental, industrial drones and steady shadowy beats

Christian Löffler | Lys | Ki Records Release Date: 20 March, 2020 Within the work of Christian Löffler lies visions that are so strikingly intimate and raw, it’s as if the producer has grasped the very core of what he wishes to express and shaped it, little by little, into

Four Tet | Sixteen Oceans | Text Records Release Date: 13 March, 2020 For UK musician and producer Kieran Hebden, his extensive (two decades worth) of work under his moniker Four Tet has turned the artist into a leading figure in the electronic music industry. With his experimental, playful approach

Caribou | Suddenly | City Slang Release Date: 28 February, 2020 Canadian musician, composer and producer Daniel Snaith has been a driving musical force since the inception of his career in the early 2000s: known under multiple monikers, he originally adopted the byname Manitoba in his early stages – however

Grimes | Miss Anthropocene | 4AD Release Date: 21 February, 2020 I,Poet of destruction,Hereby declare that Global Warming is good.–So, you humans have carved your existence into the earth,Lest you be forgotten.Why lament?–Be who you are, embrace your demise,For you are the architect of it.–How smart you are, to eradicate

Smagghe & Cross | 1819 | Offen Music Release Date: 27 January, 2020 ‘1819’ brings to mind sprawling, pastoral landscapes; meadows filled with blooming, phantom flowers – a tranquil beauty, sprouting in the shade of drifting grey clouds. With ‘1819’ being the second collaborative release between French ‘minimalist-electro’ producer Ivan Smagghe, and award-winning English composer […]

Cygnus | Connection Error (EP) | Craigie Knowes Release Date: 3 February, 2020 Eclecticism in electronic music allows a producer to create a unique voice in an industry that (like any other) can find itself oversaturated with artists looking to break through; but with the ability to incorporate the diversity

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