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Rye Catchers shares enigmatic and versatile LP ‘Covers and Concepts’

  Rye Catchers returns with an exciting new offering in Covers and Concepts, shared on September 22nd, 2023. Delivering a full range of talent and moods, there’s an exciting mix of genres, from several hard pop / alt rock originals to a more gentler style towards the end of the

German electronic triplet Wareika has released their latest LP, a 45-minute unity divided in two parts, via the Ornaments imprint. Titled, Tizinabi, the album is a hybrid of sizzling Jazzy guitar, and synthetic tonal accents, with vocal scats demarcating the in-between spaces and giving swing to the rhythmically complex composition.

A musician only releases one debut album. It is an understatement to say that it is a special moment in an artist’s creative development. Being a full-length body of work that requires a sizable investment of time, energy, and attention, releasing an album shows the public that an artist is

While the current world can appear devoid of magic at a first glance, it’s artists like Olovson who are bringing a sense of adventure back into music one finely chosen piano note at a time. The neo-classical producer’s debut solo album Storytelling brings out the Peter Pan within us all.

Image: Ilian Tape When German producer Bryan Müller, known by the moniker Skee Mask, released his sophomore effort Compro in 2018, it was widely praised as an immaculately designed body of work. That album was seen as a remarkable refinement of the aesthetic he had been crafting since his teenage

In light of our current global circumstance, the Bristol-based indie-pop duo shares some positive news, “We have entered weird times, with all this self-isolating and fear spreading about Coronavirus. Between news articles and opinions crowding our social media news feeds, it’s hard to escape the panic and confusion. However, social

The bristol-based indie-pop duo, Firewoodisland have created the moving self-titled LP that dances with orchestral instruments, soaring soundscapes, and cinematic journies. Firewoodisland have also announced that in an effort to spread hope and joy, they will be holding Weekly Online Livingroom Concerts with local bands. You can find further info

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