Six Missing – Intention II

Little time has passed since award-winning producer Six Missing released his first Intention EP (which he dropped on New Year’s Day of ‘22) and began his mindful walk through textured soundscapes. Ending the year the same way he started it, he has released his latest project Intention II, a 5-track EP that includes a meditation edit, from which the project takes its name, intended or otherwise.

With the year coming to a close, some musicians will be setting their goals for 2023, planning tours, scheduling new releases, and even booking studio time. However, Six Missing has a different approach. “I loved the idea of sharing music intended for those wishing to sit and set clear intentions, versus resolutions, for the year ahead,” he said.

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Starting the project, the producer stimulates wakefulness with the record ‘Awake Awareness’. Listening to it, our attention took on a dispersed quality, widening to the periphery and drawing us inward. Once there, we found the garden of the self where we lost ourselves between rose bushes and distracting thoughts. Being aware, we let go of the illusory self under Six Missing’s guidance. It was pretty zen.

‘Loving Kindness’ is the single that was released before the EP. Having gained early support from the tastemaker publication CLASH Magazine, the record shows us why it was deserving: the overall feel can be summed up in a single word, and that word is Spiritual. This quality feels greater than a unidimensional emotion. That is, there is something transcendent about it. Despite being difficult to describe, this quality can be experienced through attentive listening.

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‘Peaceful One’ is a chime blowing in the wind, a flute jostling against its counterparts in a cascade of glassy fireworks, interspersed with string sweeps and artfully-placed piano notes. The result is a pristine record that takes on a life of its own. 

As a whole, Intention II is a journey of consciousness and sound tuned together in a harmonious dance, curated by a producer who is able to strike a balance between novel detail and recognisable backdrops. Using sounds from nature, he lulls listeners into a state of calm.

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Image credit: Hannah Edelman