Kasztan – Mzella

French producer Kasztan has been building momentum. The Stemina Recordings imprint signee has released his third consecutive single in the last two months. His latest single, ‘Mzella’, is yet another gripping offering. Kasztan is seemingly unafraid of stepping into different genre pockets. Contrary to what one might expect, he manages to tame his creative impulse. Rather than spread himself thin, he ensured that the track remained a well-rounded whole throughout.

Stream / Download: Kasztan – ‘Mzella’

Somewhat idiosyncratic, the track remains cohesive despite its deviation from the standard dance track. The overall feel is one of a tribal ritual. As if of one mind, synth stabs and chanting vocals dance around the proverbial fire. 

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Kasztan himself felt the spark when he produced the record. “There was such a mesmerizing, almost shamanic quality to these voices that they called for a straighter beat than what I usually make,” he says, describing the guidance he took from the central vocal sample.

Listen to Kasztan’s single ‘Mzella’ below:

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Image credit: Marta Cygan