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Venture through the Mezzanine of Aiden Francis’s latest EP

It’s been a week since we sat down with Aiden Francis and discussed his unique approach to creating music in an exclusive interview. In the short time, a lot has happened for the producer including the release of his highly anticipated EP, Mezzanine which is making its way around the

Image courtesy LEITER records  F.S. Blumm and Nils Frahm are no strangers to collaboration. The renowned German experimentalists have consistently returned to each other time and again, feeding off one another’s respective points of view to produce increasingly mind-bending records. Though, it’s not hard to imagine the meeting of such

Image: AD 93/WHYT043 To call Maxwell Sterling simply a composer doesn’t really feel right. The Manchester born artist, who works primarily in scoring for film and media, has behind him a body of work that often transcends its own definition. The soundtracks he crafts for film display his innate sense

Image: black.round.twelve There was a time before the hour-long microbeat acid trip of Matsu that Ricardo Villalobos was busy crafting the music that would, in so many ways, shape his genre. Arguably one of the foremost pioneers in the minimal techno and micro-house scenes, the Chilean-German producer and DJ’s early

Image: Posey When you first encounter the meditative notes of a wooden recorder singing through the buzzing electronics on Vilde Tuv’s latest album Melting Songs, you’ll likely experience a moment of bewilderment followed quickly by stunning clarity. And while the flute and woodwind instrumentation is not entirely unfamiliar to electronic

Gently transitioning between genres, ERA C appear with their debut LP, DELIRIA. Seductive with its gentle trip-hop tones meeting pop vocals, the album is the result of German-based duo Sofia Insua (of Easy Easy) and Mirza Ramic (one half of the well-known Arms and Sleepers duo). The poetic quality of

Image by Jordan Johnson & Louisa Nicolaou DJ, rapper and acclaimed party starter Chippy Nonstop has released her self-titled debut album with collaborator dj genderfluid, and it’s an astoundingly nuanced experiment in storytelling. Spanning 11 tracks with two bonus remixes, the album spins together a rave utopia that lives up

Image by Fredrik Schneider When pressing play on Dedicated 2 Disrespect, the debut EP from Berlin based DJ and producer LSDXOXO, the word jouissance comes to mind. That is, an inescapable state of pleasure, delight, or ecstasy. Pleasure in the context of queer subversion weaponises itself against the heteronormative masses.

The Soft Pink Truth | Shall We Go On Sinning So That Grace May Increase? | Thrill Jockey Release Date: 1 May, 2020 As an acclaimed Shakespearean scholar at Johns Hopkins University with a love for black-metal and electronica; Drew Daniel, known not only under his solo moniker The Soft

Zenker Brothers | Mad System | Ilian Tape Release Date: 28 April, 2020 Experimentation is always welcomed within any genre of music, and within the bustling electronic realm – especially when a lot of genres have their roots in very distinct elements such as repetitive beats – stepping outside the

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