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Nau Leone began releasing a run of singles in September of 2022 when he dropped Nº1 Cambio, the first single to be made public from his then-pending album. Now, Nau Leone keeps us waiting no longer. That is to say, he has finally released his long-awaiting album titled Cambio via Be Your Own Studio Label, marking the climax of his journey.

Along the way, the Spaniard earned press support from tastemaker CLASH Magazine, helping build anticipation for the release. The time has come for us to tie things up with a review. Let’s dip in and investigate a select few records, ones we believe are highlights of the 7-track project.

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Two instruments that feature heavily throughout the album are the piano and a multi-voice bass drone. A good example of this is the record ‘Nº4 Transición’. The track opens with an emotional piano composition that evolves into a wall of bass, where an EQ with a high-cutoff curtails the higher frequencies, gradually opening up to brighten the saturated low-end, giving air to the overall mix.

‘Nº6 Duda’ stands out as a more playful record as compared to its more emotion-heavy counterparts. Though it contains the album’s signature rattlesnake riser, it differs from the other tracks in that it has a less linear structure. The second drop is distinct from the first. Here, the producer seems to have let his creativity take the reins. And the result is a song that adds an extra dimension to the LP.

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Describing the concept of time, a common thread throughout the LP, Nau said, “In my album, I talk about time, about change. Change only comes when one is ready for it, even if you don’t know it yet. I want to create music that accompanies these changes. Music that helps believe, music that helps cry. Music that helps to continue; And even more important, to never stop dreaming.”

Listen to the full Cambio album below:

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Image credit: Miriam Cuesta (@miriamcuestaphoto)