A musician only releases one debut album. It is an understatement to say that it is a special moment in an artist’s creative development. Being a full-length body of work that requires a sizable investment of time, energy, and attention, releasing an album shows the public that an artist is serious about their career. Releasing one marks a milestone, a turning point for many. That said, German producer and songwriter MARIA Die RUHE celebrates just this occasion. Titled Enarchy, her newly released 15-track project is a personal endeavour, a magnifying-glass look at her internal clockwork. “ENARCHY is the result of a deep and thorough look I took into the world around me and my own inner workings,” she says.

Stream / Download: MARIA Die RUHE – ENARCHY LP

In the project, MARIA tinkers with the mechanics of numerous genres, reforming them into her very own signature sound, Avant-Tech-Pop. Her approach to composition is a sort of ‘production by destruction’, where she breaks things and then builds them up again. Her record ‘Ask Believe Feel Receive’ speaks to this methodology. Even the name of the album reflects this concept. “The title is a combination of Energy and Anarchy,” MARIA continues. 

‘Lost in Solitude’ is a stark record. In it, MARIA seems to explore the intersection between her self-destructive tendencies and the love of others, speaking to a deeply human fear of abandonment. Associative by nature, her lyrics are a haunting externalisation and exposition of MARIA’s feelings. Listeners are allowed behind the curtain to connect with her at a human level.

Ultimately, the project is a testament to love, introspection, and, at times, the absence of both. Careful to make honest music, the Leipzig-based musician brings an earnestness to her art and a forthright and creatively liberated, abiding by her own rules and refusing to be any less than MARIA Die RUHE

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Image credit: Luisa Braun