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musclecars – Sugar Honey Iced Tea!

For New York-based DJs and producers Brandon Weems and Craig Handfield, history is a lens through which to view the present. Their popular Coloring Lessons events are rooted in homage – recalling the culture and approach of formative house events like The Loft and clubs like Shelter, while remaining in

On IN:TENSION, the third album from Keys N Krates, the Toronto trio explore their love affair with house music like never before. Having come up during the EDM boom of the 2010’s, Keys N Krates are likely best known for their bass heavy and propulsive productions in the vein of

When we last spoke with prolific electronic music duo Pig&Dan, they were gearing up to release the anticipated sequel to 2014’s Destination Unknown, a record that largely eschewed their signature dance floor ready sound for more experimental musings on dub. Now, with the release of Call The Hitman with elusive

  Over the past eight years, London duo JADED have distilled influence and inspiration from across the canon of UK electronic music into their own broad palette, producing dance music that feels both classic and cutting edge. Their sound has attracted the attention of major dance music labels like Toolroom,

American DJ and producer DVS1 (Zak Khutoretsky) has launched software that aims to bridge the gap between DJ and producer income. It’s long been the case that DJ’s profit far more from the music that they play than the producers who make it. Recognising this gap, DVS1 developed Aslice. The

They’re best known for their brand of sunny, groove inflected house and dance music that’s designed to make you swing from the trees. German duo Monkey Safari have made a name for themselves as connoisseurs of rhythm and nuanced club production, a style mostly honed under their own label Hommage.

For those of us who grew up during the 90’s and earlier 00’s,the prospect of becoming a well-known musician, able to release music for public consumption and be recognised for it – was, for the most part, a pipe dream. During this time, physical media was the go-to, and being

J-E-T-S | ZOOSPA | Innovative Leisure Release Date: May 24th, 2019 Between the old \\ new, the traditional – the future. Combinations of soundscapes created meticulously, with simultaneous genres as play; stacking blocks of sounds – never to be narrowly defined. Boxes broken through. Collaborations in the experimental; merged, experienced,

There’s nothing more exciting than experiencing your favourite artists performing live; the energy, the lights and the engulf of sound all add to the incredible experience that are live music events. With that being said, for some it’s easy to miss these events as we get caught up in everyday

Written by Jenna Dreisenstock Feature Image: Emily Lazar As the Me Too movement continues it’s propulsion into the mainstream, it’s uplifting to see those in positions of power – that includes fame – use their voices, and the means at their disposal to do what they can in the fight

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