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Should Cellphones Be Banned At Live Shows?

The hold that our phones have on our lives is often compared to an addiction – a habit that, despite our ‘we can quit at anytime’ attitude, we find it increasingly more difficult to actually press the ‘power off’ button. Considering the world in an alternate timeline; devoid of cellular

Since the advent of the internet, the ability to connect to one another has become easier than ever. Not only are we able to communicate with those closest to us, whenever, wherever – but we are able to reach strangers thousands of kilometers away; make friends with people in completely

Musical biopics: the life and times of an icon, set to a catchy soundtrack – what could be better, when celebrating a legend? Singing along to our favourite songs while getting a real glimpse into the musicians past, can be an extremely powerful experience for fans and overall music lovers

The fashion world is infamous for it’s insensitive blunders; from ‘taking inspiration’ from designs created by other artists and racist campaigns (recently Dolce & Gabbana, Prada & Gucci have all been in the spotlight due to this) highlighting the complete lack of insight from these famous fashion houses. The issue

Sexism in the music industry is nothing new, especially when it comes to women navigating the electronic music scene. Like with any other genre, female creators are often taken less seriously than their male counterparts – and this is especially prevalent in dance music; where women are treated as though

Words by Jenna Dreisenstock For years, the conversation regarding depth, thoughtfulness and philosophies surrounding various genres have raged against one another: with (mostly) fans of ‘alternative’ music in the never-ending debate over whether pop music, or perhaps more aptly ‘mainstream’ radio music – has any meaningful ideologies whatsoever, and whether

By Jenna Dreisenstock Human holograms. It’s like something out of a science fiction film, or that one issue of a National Geographic Kids magazine I read in the early 2000’s which promised: hoverboards, virtual reality that EXACTLY mimics reality, doctors who could mend broken bones with the latest laser-healing technology,

By Jenna Dreisenstock With the release of HBO’s devastating documentary Leaving Neverland, the conversation about Michael Jackson and his alleged crimes have not died down since the release, perhaps the debate has become further heated. It seems as though the world is incredibly divided on this issue, and despite Dan

By: Niki van den Heever Photo by: daffa rayhan zein from Pexels A recent article published by Reading Eagle on 13 March, tells of a study done at both UK and Swedish Universities and suggest that listening to music while engaged in creative problem-solving has a serious negative impact on the brain, impairing one’s

“You can’t reverse the flow of a river, but I’d like to see social media play less of a role in terms of who gets attention and why” Interview by Arnold van der Walt He has been in the music business since before many of today’s producers have even been

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