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Mattko’s new photobook documents the early 2000’s rave scene

Image by Matthew Smith Full on, Non Stop, All Over is the upcoming new photobook from Bristol photographer Matthew Smith, also known as Mattko. The book will focus on Smith’s documentation of rave culture between the years 2000 and 2005, and is published by Trip Publishing. It follows Smith’s previous

Image by Ben Price DJ and producer Batu has opened a free-to-access community focussed music studio in their base city of Bristol. Named First Light Studio, the new space was launched in collaboration with Dr. Martens. With a focus on empowering the local arts scene, First Light Studio is the

Independent Bristol venues The Louisiana and Exchange have launched a joint Patreon account to raise money in order to survive the financial crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The Louisiana and Exchange are the cornerstones of Bristol’s thriving independent music community.  We’ve always both been so lucky to count on

Feature Image: Dan Billinghurst The music and nightlife industries have undoubtedly been some of the hardest hit businesses due to the Covid-19 pandemic this year; while governments have provided basic stimulus packages in parts of the globe, the financial impact rages on. Beginning in March across the majority of the

This past Sunday on June 7th, anti-racist protesters in Bristol fervently strung ropes around the (in)famous statue “celebrating” the legacy of 17th century historical figure Edward Colston, dragged the statue through the streets and tossed it into the harbour. Colston was a prominent slave trader. Despite remaining a point of

Based out of Bristol, England, Matthew Preston AKA Phaeleh is a multi-instrumentalist, producer and DJ best known for his atmospheric, emotional and chilled bass music. With roots in a wide array of musical styles including dubstep, garage, house and ambient, Phaeleh has been nurturing his unique sound over more than

There’s nothing more exciting than experiencing your favourite artists performing live; the energy, the lights and the engulf of sound all add to the incredible experience that are live music events. With that being said, for some it’s easy to miss these events as we get caught up in everyday

Will Clarke is a Bristol-based producer, DJ and gearhead in the English electronic clubbing community. From elevating tech-house cuts, to immersive dancefloor craving sets, Clarke has propelled his own dizzying brand of electronic bliss into motion by shaking these scenes by the ankles by shaking off the norm. Also a

Love Saves The Day kicks-off festival season with two days of music at Eastville Park in Bristol. In previous years, Love Saves The Day’s Saturday has been more house and techno leaning, with day two of the event putting the emphasis on a more bass, dub and grime sound. In

Henry Green | Shift | Akira Records Release date: March 30th 2018 Review by Jenna Dreisenstock A sunlit fall into stillness holds a stagnancy within it; a quiet moment to reflect on oneself, to know oneself – or an envelop of that silence. The heaviness of hyper-awareness in the still,

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