Q+A: Five more minutes with Pig&Dan

When we last spoke with prolific electronic music duo Pig&Dan, they were gearing up to release the anticipated sequel to 2014’s Destination Unknown, a record that largely eschewed their signature dance floor ready sound for more experimental musings on dub. Now, with the release of Call The Hitman with elusive Iranian-Canadian producer Siavash, they’re ready to return to the propulsive, hypnotic tech that they’re best known for. Few producers in Pig&Dan’s vanguard prove to be as creatively adventurous with their sound and music, but for the duo this is part and parcel of evolving as an artist. We caught up with them ahead of the release of Call The Hitman to speak about creative evolution, and why working with Siavash proved to be such a success. Read the interview below, and listen to music from Call The Hitman.



Pig&Dan, welcome back to PLAYY. The last time we spoke, you were about to release Destination Unknown II. How was the response to the project?

Thanks so much for having us again !! Honestly it’s overwhelming to see how many people were open to hear that side of our musical journey. We’ve always been so into this realm and exploring this mix of genres is incredibly challenging in the best way. The response has been more than we could ever have hoped for, especially now where it seems that on Streaming platforms the numbers are stronger than  ever.


With that album, you revisited the downtempo dub and trip-hop aesthetic that you explored on 2014’s Destination Unknown. Now on Call The Hitman with Siavash, you’re returning to the techno rooted sound you’re best known for. Did Destination Unknown II impact or evolve the way you approach making dance music now?

I think everything we create opens us up more as we strive to push ourselves sonically, we like to look at music as music and not a specific genre. Everything inspires evolution and making music that is perhaps not our norm is a must if one wants to spread their wings musically.


Tell us about collaborating with Siavash. What makes this a successful creative partnership?

I personally haven’t had the pleasure of working with him in the same studio as Pig did, but when working on the project after those two got deep into it, it was clear that Siavash adds a very special edge within this collaboration. His musical wisdom has rubbed off on the project in many ways, and I have loved working on these tracks.


What was the process of creating this EP like? Where did the ideas begin, and how did you arrive at the final product?

Whilst touring North America, Igor had played at the venue which Siavash runs in Vancouver. This isn’t the first time Pig stayed there and started creating together with Siavash, it’s been something that sparked off a number of times. After beginning the creative process in Canada Pig sent me the projects and I got my hands dirty adding musically and sonically to the project at my studio in Spain where the tracks were also mixed down.  


Download & stream Call The Hitman here


Tell us about working with the team at Poker Flat. Why was the label the right place for this music?

Well first off it’s an enormous honour to be on this label. It goes without saying that the respect we hold is very much in the highest of realms for Both Steve, his label, and the whole team!! It’s incredibly respected on many levels and renowned for quietly and having a very clear vision musically from the very start. We always felt that if we made something we felt could fit we would submit it. We don’t create music with anything in mind, however this time when this single was finished we felt it was right and could fit into the criteria.


What can we expect from Pig&Dan for the rest of 2023?

Due to being our prolific selves we have a lot on the horizon release wise. This year has seen us really dive deeper into other genres and we’ve celebrated two number ones in Genres we’ve never released in previously. Saying that there’s plenty more Techno on the horizon and of course touring globally. Watch this space, there’s a lot of unexpected twists coming soon.


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