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15 Expressive Music Videos To Capture Your Imagination

With the constant introduction of new media, our consumption of music, television & film can be quite overwhelming. In the age we live in, it feels as though every second there is a new release – and it can definitely be hard to keep up. Music videos are no different;

As April comes to an end, the excitement of music releases in the months to come grows ever higher; especially if we base our anticipation off the great new releases from 2019 so far. It’s difficult to narrow down all the terrific track releases into one list, but we figured

There’s nothing more exciting than experiencing your favourite artists performing live; the energy, the lights and the engulf of sound all add to the incredible experience that are live music events. With that being said, for some it’s easy to miss these events as we get caught up in everyday

As the middle of the year draws to a close and we are beginning to embrace the second half of 2018 (Yeah, we’re almost at the end of 2018. Pretty crazy.) It’s a good time to reflect on the great releases that have graced our auditory sphere within the last

Appearing as a guest speaker at the annual Performing Arts Medicine Association symposium in Orange County, California – English producer and composer James Blake revealed his experiences with mental illness, and the strain that immersion in the arts can place on artists mental health and the stigma surrounding the subject

English producer James Blake has shared a new song called ‘Don’t Miss It‘ in collaboration with Mount Kimbie’s Dom Maker. Initially debuted on Blake’s BBC Radio 1 residency, then uploaded to YouTube. The collaborative single ‘Don’t Miss It’ follows another collaboration, the 17-minute opus ‘Look Ma No Hands‘ created with the legendary

Electronic composer and musician James Blake has collaborated on a new track ”Look Ma No Hands” with the legendary André 3000 for this year’s Mother’s Day. Two cuts came from this collaboration, ”Look Ma No Hands” and “Me&My (To Bury Your Parents)”, featuring vocals from the rap icon, and Blake playing piano

Review by Shannon Lawlor Experimental electronic music has always been top-talk in the underground scene, but some artists don’t necessarily capture such essence, or achieve high-acclaim in fields of experimentation as this can be such a broad, ambiguous term. From splicing together different sub-genres or sampling pre-existing sounds to create

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