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[PREMIERE & INTERVIEW] Memorex Memories – Pictures Of Purple Skies

Sean Harte (known by his stage name Memorex Memories) is a Scottish electronic musician who has become a prominent name within the Synthwave scene. He is best known for singles such as ‘Curious Alice’, ‘A Way Home’ and ‘Thanks For Listening’. His tracks are stirring yet meditative, a pairing of

By Jenna Dreisenstock As the society is scrambling to pick up the pieces, the climate change crisis is growing ever more terrifying in recent years. With erratic and devastating natural disasters becoming more frequent, with many losing their homes and lives without the ability to rebuild; if we continue the

There’s nothing more exciting than experiencing your favourite artists performing live; the energy, the lights and the engulf of sound all add to the incredible experience that are live music events. With that being said, for some it’s easy to miss these events as we get caught up in everyday

Apostille has shared a second track from his forthcoming album Choose Life, which is set for release on June 8th via Upset The Rhythm. Stream ‘Without Me’ by Apostille below – Apostille is a man who’s torn through enough sound-systems to know the difference between gesture and meaning. Alongside running his own

Glasgow born producer and DJ, Gary Beck; an integral part of the electronic/techno community, has been releasing music since 2005, and making his unique mark wherever the wind may whistle. Being apart of outputs such as Drumcode, Cocoon as well as his own imprint BEK Audio, Beck has gained considerable exposure

The break up song. Usually rife with heartbreak, flaring emotions and reminiscing on what could have been. It’s become common practice to to focus on the sadness that follows the collapse of a romantic relationship… but not with Honeyblood. Shona McVicar and Stina Tweedale refuse to sit and play the

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