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Disclosure – Alchemy

There’s been somewhat of a turning point for UK electronic music duo Disclosure recently, one which has seen them pivot away from the chart friendly, vocally driven dance pop that had become their trademark. Though they’ve kept this part of themselves alive through high profile remixes, their recent DJ Kicks

We roundup our picks for the must hear releases of the week. Listen to our selections below.     Priya Ragu – Easy   Singer-songwriter Priya Ragu’s latest single is a bouncy garage pop number that’s as slick as it is catchy. With its shimmering breaks, rotund bass, and licks

The best thing about UK producer ANZ’s latest track, Clearly Rushing, is how simple the whole thing is. Pivoting away from the poppy house and afters bass of All Hours, Clearly Rushing feels sort of old school.    The whole thing finds itself centred around an 8-bit synth riff and

If Australian producer Flume’s last album Palaces had a crowning jewel, it’s undoubtedly the haunting Sirens, featuring the sylphlike mermaid call of Caroline Polachek. With its fractured,  hydraulic bass and oscillating chords, Sirens was a hypnotic dirge that showcased the most brilliant parts of Flume’s artistry. For his remix of

Recently seen behind the scenes of Kelela’s On The Run, Toronto DJ and producer Bambii is arguably one of the most exciting new acts to emerge from the Great North’s queer club circuit. Her exhilarating productions are the sort of tracks that sweep you up and leave you winded, non-stop

Last year, Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill went viral after its inclusion on the hit Netflix show Stranger Things, with the public finally giving the pop pioneer her long overdue flowers. The industry largely eschewed Bush in her day, because she dared to play with her food; for her,

London based artist Jesse Kanda is probably best known for his ties to the Deconstructed-club scene at the time of its emergence, where he was largely responsible for shaping the visual aesthetic of the micro-genre’s most prominent artists. Responsible for the grotesque, mutant creatures of Arca and FKA Twigs, and

Welcome to November. We roundup our favourite releases of the week and first of the new month. Listen below. Follow our Roundup Selections playlist on Spotify to stay updated on what we have on repeat.   Eartheater, DOSS – High Tide (DOSS Remix) Enigmatic producer DOSS adds her signature ‘doof

Electronic music duo Bicep have been on a hot streak of live shows lately. Perhaps the secret to the success of whatever Andrew Ferguson and Matthew McBriar have been doing has something to do with their penchant for dropping easter eggs and unreleased tracks into the mix. One in particular,

Eliza Rose has become the first female DJ to score a number 1 record on the UK Singles Chart in the past 20 years. Her song, B.O.T.A (Baddest Of Them All), has beat out former reigning chart topper LF System’s Afraid To Feel and the new Britney Spears and Elton

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