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PLAYY. Mix #176 – Cuebrick

Renowned as a sought-after force in European dance music, Cuebrick has carved his name into the global electronic scene through sheer talent. Raised on progressive house, his meteoric rise from local act to international sensation has been nothing short of remarkable. Cuebrick’s musical path is lined with releases on major

Karol XVII & MB Valence have been formidable purveyors of deep house and the genre’s various offshoots for nearly two decades now, so it might come as a surprise that the Polish DJ and producer duo’s 2022 Essay was in fact their debut album. Their time has mostly been spent

On Renegade, the B-side off MANTi’s Call Out EP, lush afrohouse beats sprawl atop a low, ominous hum – a hum that grows more urgent, before catalysing into a buzzing onslaught of shuddering bass and industrial synths. The whole thing seethes with gargantuan energy, fusing together influences from a myriad

The best thing about UK producer ANZ’s latest track, Clearly Rushing, is how simple the whole thing is. Pivoting away from the poppy house and afters bass of All Hours, Clearly Rushing feels sort of old school.    The whole thing finds itself centred around an 8-bit synth riff and

Canada’s Maara-Louisa Dunbar has sort of experienced her rise as an underground club superstar at the speed of a DMT hit. Like DMT, the whole thing has felt much longer than it actually is. In just two years, Dunbar has mastered the craft of DJing and established a singular creative

Last year, Berlin by way of Istanbul DJ and producer Nene H released her debut album and one of the most poignant techno releases in recent memory. A cenotaph to her father, Ali was a work rooted in grief but which confronted grief’s lesser seen faces. The grief Nene H

Image by Sasha Smolina Finding a sense of nuance in the consistent thud of techno is not an easy feat, which makes Julia Govor’s brand of techno a bit of a rarity. The New York based Russian selector and composer has always brought a sense of nuance to her productions,

Hailing from Aberdeen, Nassif Younes aka SWYM started playing guitar at the age of 17 and has done little else since being a latecomer to the world of music, but in a matter of time, he began learning Beethoven Sonatas on the piano and later on, bass and drums. Younes’

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